Saturday, May 24, 2008

God Bless the U.S.A.

It has been a I heart America weekend.  I used this tutorial to make the apple t-shirts I got at Teer-get and cozy chenille into dresses for "Patriotic Day".  I don't always make one for Lucy too, but these are so easy to make and easy to throw on and I figured they can wear them for 4th of July also.  The chenille isn't the most fun to work with though.  It sheds like crazy.  It looked like I stuck a poodle in my washing machine and I was sneezing constantly.  Then on the first stitch my serger decided to go on strike.  I had to rethread it all by myself for the first time.  Scary.  All and all they took two hours to finish instead of just one.  Not too bad.  My husband was watching the Lakers win while I was sewing.  I love the playoffs... lots and lots of extra craft time for me.  I have also been making some fun things for a birthday girl who reads my blog so I can't post them yet.  She is like an aunt to my girls and the most amazing teacher.  She will be teaching at the school Halley is going to next year and we are so excited to get to see her all of the time.  I found the most amazing fabric (think United States retro) and am loving what I am making her.  I will post them after her birthday party.  We are having a girls night out at the Melting Pot to celebrate her.  I can't wait for my fondue forks!


  1. Such cute dresses! Your girls will look darling! Lori

  2. Julie, you are so darn creative I just can't hardly stand it! I SO wish you lived closer so you could teach me a thing or two! I just want to sew some curtains (very simple ones!) at this point and I get totally overwhelmed thinking about it!!!

    I can't wait to see your birthday surprises! I am sure they are VERY fun!!

    Enjoy your long weekend!!

  3. Ohhh, those dresses are ADORABLE! Have an awesome day!

  4. Thank you for sharing the mom manifesto, I'm entranced. Oh, my I love the dresses! My dd is taking her first sewing class this summer, I'm thinking of taking it with her(it's all kiddos though). You truly are talented!

  5. Darling little dresses! Thanks for sharing.


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