Last Christmas
my dog crapped on my tree skirt
and the very same day I threw it away

This year
to save me from tears 
I am going to make 
something special

Yes, I just wrote "crapped".  
Scandalous!  Well I'd never!
But sometimes words like that are necessary to accurately describe traumatic events.

You see, he is a big dog.
He had some big digestive issues.
Instead of waking us up to let him out,
he let it all out.

Sprinkled everywhere.

Good thing Santa brought us laminate flooring, because the carpet was done for.

I couldn't wash the tree skirt either.
I made it to match our stockings with surfboard fabric and grass skirt trim.  Those kind of things don't survive in the washer, much less the toxic dump that invaded each fiber.

But the silver lining of this feces fiasco is the now perfectly acceptable need for new stockings and a tree skirt.  I really wanted to make them last year, but didn't want to ditch the surfboards for no reason.

Can you help me pick which fabric to use?

Love these Retro Ornaments so much.  Fun, festive and funky.

Heather Bailey's Peonies are  just fabulous.

How charming are these Christmas Eve kids?

Yes, I do have a thing for retro.  Holiday Cheers makes me smile.

I orginally bought this flannel to make the girls pillowcases, 
but am now thinking it would make cozy stockings instead.

Which one do you like?


  1. Wow, tough decision. But I like the retro ornaments the best!

  2. I like the 4th one. The red with children.
    There's some paper similar to those patterns and I just adore it!

  3. With no doubt the retro ornaments. Very festive and Christmasy!! Good Luck.

  4. I am all about the first one for sure!!!

  5. The ornaments or the red background kids. It's a toss up!

  6. I like the first and last ones the best.

  7. ew...copious.

    i'd go with the retro ornaments.

  8. I couldn't read that first part without totally singing it in my head...while cracking up. We have five dogs at our house, so I am a total sympathizer. Thankfully we have wood floors though...:)

    Love the first one especially, but I am no help at all because I really like all of them.

  9. I like the white one with children on Christmas Eve. Have fun!

  10. i like the funky ornaments the bestest:) followed by the red retro children! too cute! sorry about your party "pooper"

  11. Ohhh! Love the vintage kids with the red background! Too, too sweet!

    And I was singing along too! Bummer about the "incident" last year! Yikes!! What a mess!

    Good luck making the big decision! I know whatever you choose it will be perfect!!

  12. I like numero uno! And thanks for getting that lovely song in my head! I worked at a retail store when I was younger (that I won't mention...but it's initials are A and F)...and they played that SO loud during Christmas season...made me wanna...

  13. Love the Holiday Cheers! So sweet, so cute and so retro! Love the dog story!

  14. Love the red with the kids and the botanical one. LOVED the Wham song, I was singing it in my head. That song is on my Christmas mix on my iPod and now it will forever have new lyrics :) hahaha

  15. i like the last one the best! you know Halley and Lucy will love the soft pink! all you need is a solid cuff bordered with pink dingle balls and their names embroidered on the front! so cute! (dont forget to make one for janey! :)

    -kindyl :)

  16. I love the first one. I think it would be perfect.

  17. I think you should make one of each they are all terrific!

  18. I love the Christmas ornaments!

  19. I like the 4th one the best...anything retro is dabomb!

  20. I like one and 4. MM has some other retro holiday fabrics (I have some with little girls ice skating). Maybe you could mix and match?

  21. I'm laughing my head off right now! crapped? toxic dump? nice!!! hahaha!

    I hope your new tree skirt turns out amazing. I'm sure it will!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  22. I like the retro ornaments the best - all are super cute, though!

  23. I really love them all! But if I had to pick one for a tree skirt and stockings it would probably be the last one with the beautiful Christmas trees!

    Heidi Jo the Artist

  24. Oh I like them all... but I would love to see Heather Bailey's Peonies or the Retro Ornaments...

    Please post after you have made them!

  25. I love the holiday cheer and the Christmas trees, too cute!

    Love your blog too! When do you find the time?

  26. I love a gal who can tell it like it is. I think "crapped" is totally appropriate in this scenario. I didn't use the word on my blog, I just showed a big pile of it (bear crap, to be exact). It would have probably been more tasteful to use the word crap. But, hey, my judgment was clouded by my excitement over a bear eating apples in my backyard.

    Oh, and, I'm loving the Heather Bailey fabric for stockings and a tree skirt. I wish I could find an excuse to make new stockings. I made mine when those really bright fabrics were the rage. Loved it at the time. Now I wonder what I ever saw in it. My girls would not be happy if I replaced them, though. They have a sentimental attachement to them. So unless the cat can cough up a hairball on them, they will stay.

    Happy Day,

  27. They really are all so cute! I love the retro kids playing the piano with the red background, so sweet! Your girls will love looking at that pattern! But you really can't go wrong they are all stinkin adorable!

  28. I can't stop laughing...too funny. We have a large dog also and I can only imagine how disgusted/freaked out I'd be by that discovery. Just tell me you didn't have presents under the tree at the time...

    As for the fabric decision, I'm no help at all. I really like all of them so I'd number them and draw a number from a hat to decide.