Last month in my 40 Days of Love Bible study we prayed every week for our friends Nikki and Matt to become parents.

Their hearts and home were open to whatever God had in store for them.

This week their lives were blessed with 9 month and 2 year old sisters.


So tonight I am off to meet these little girls and celebrate God's faithfulness so evidently displayed.

I couldn't resist making the sweet sisters matching apron dresses full of girly pink.

Since it is suddenly Tuesday I had grand plans for my Tackle It project.

In the running were:

1.  Organize the linen closet.
2.  Clean out and rearrange the pantry.
3.  Eat ice cream and watch The Hills on the Tivo.

Which one do you think I chose?


  1. those dresses are so sweet....with just enough girliness! i am SURE you picked rearranging your pantry. because everyone loves to do that. i do it every week at least.....HA!!

  2. I just caught up on the Hills today. I can't believe Audrina! I never saw that rumor coming!

  3. What an amazing and wonderful prayer answered.
    Love the dresses.

    and I'm guessing caught up on the hills. Cause that's what I'd do, for sure.

  4. The adoption news is heartwarming. I know what it's like to deal with infertility and beg God to make us parents. After 10 long years, he answered our prayer! Please send my love and best wishes to this couple!
    Dear Lord, please bless this wonderful couple. You have chosen them to become parents and have given them their hearts' desire. Please let them feel your presence every moment and may they never forget to give You all of the praise and glory everytime you send someone into their paths. You have a sweet way of drawing us to You through amazingly sweet stories just like this.

  5. Hopefully ate ice cream and watched the Hills!! Gotta love LC and Audrina drama!!