We went on our annual adventure to see the REAL SANTA (her dad) at our friend's house.

The girls were pretty much walking billboards for Etsy.  Seriously, could I ever find outfits like these at a store?

Pinnies from Lassie Girl,
Fur cuffs from Berry Posh.

But this year Santa was outside in his sleigh instead of inside by the fireplace.

My camera HATED IT!

I hated my camera.  I usually am so in love with it.
But it just wouldn't read, wouldn't focus, wouldn't take.
All of us mamarazzi with our Canon Rebels were freaking out.
Slow cameras + little kids + Santa = super sad missed picture opportunities.

So, most of the time I try to shoot without my flash.  But sometimes there is no way around it.  Obviously this was one of those times.  But even my flash couldn't keep up.  I am looking for free advice from all of you amazing photographers on what type of auxiliary flash I should buy.  Any other accessories too (diffusers etc. )  I know Santa would love your help in filling out my list.


  1. I have no suggestions. But am in the same boat with my camera. I'm looking for a new one, and hoping to learn how to use that new one really well. Cause like you, I hate missing those moments. ugh.

    Cute pictures though!!

  2. sometimes it's not about your flash and more about the lens. i was astounded when my hubby got me a 55mm (i think... i would have to go look to be sure) fixed lenth lens with a f1.8... the thing will take awesome photos and focus in practical darkness! it's amazing

  3. Ummm....first off...how DARLING are your girls?!! Serious cuteness going on there!! The pinnies are adorable, but those bows are AMAZING and the cuffs are now on my "Must Have" list!! AHHH!! Gentry has a cute little black and silver dress for Christmas that would look DARLING all jazzed up!!

    So...as for flashes. I have a Speedlite 580. And I RARELY use it. I thought I "had" to have it last year for Christmas and while it has come in VERY handy on a few occasions (Polar Express, Halloween, birthday parties), it doesn't get used much at all. And to be honest, the thing is complicated! I thought you just popped it on and away you went. Not so much...there are all sorts of buttons and dials to adjust. I haven't figured that out so I just go for it!! I am sure you could find something more reasonably priced. Good luck!

  4. I have no suggestions either but I do want to know if I can get fur cuffs in my size! :) Too cute! Here's to etsy!

  5. your girls are SOOO cute! i am LOVING their outfits & I love dressing my girls the same (and they are only 3 months & 22 months)
    Anyways, I also have the canon speedlite 580 flash & it comes in handy b/c you can take SO many pictures at once! I dont use it all the time b/c it is so big, but when i do use it, it is awesome b/c the flash recycles so fast inbetween shots. i can take about 10 shots in less than 10 seconds.
    what lens do you use? I have 4 lenses & the one I love is the 50 mm 1.8 f stop. it lets a lot of light in b/c the f stop is fast.
    The less light you have, the longer it takes for the normal flash to recycle on the rebel. it can be VERY frustrating!

    I do suggest getting a flash. the 580x is expensive, but there is a cheaper one i think it is the 430 speedlight.

    add it to your x-mas list :)

  6. What kind of lens do you have? If you don't have one that will open up to 1.8 aperture, then you might try getting one like pp mentioned, 50mm 1.8 (about $80). You can also try shooting in manual or AV mode if you know how to adjust your shutter speed and/or aperture. I just got the 580 speedlite, so I don't have enought experience to comment. You can also make some adjustments to you photos after the fact in Photoshop. HTH! Super cute outfits!

  7. I actually do have a 50 mm 1.8 lens, but I have never tried using it at night. Brilliant suggestion, especially if the Speedlite isn't in Santa's budget.

  8. Your girls look SO darling!!! Etsy is the BEST:) Its a good thing I dont have girls... I would spend WAY too much hehe!! xo!

  9. Mamarazzi....I LOVE IT!! It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that has issues with her Rebel. I have just what the camera came with. If you find or have any cool equipment I sure hope you post about it. I'll be checking back :o)