I just ordered a pillowcase for the nursery from Head to Toe and it got me thinking...
maybe I could make one too.
But I sort of don't know why I would need to.  The fabric combinations are inspired, her sewing is flawless (mine is often quite flawed... blame it on the A.D.D.) and her prices are so affordable.

This one?    Lulu (my monkey) would love this.  She would probably ask Santa for a pogo stick if she knew what one was.

I found a wonderfully written tutorial at Little Birdie Secrets, which by the way is one of my new favorite blogs, and decided to give it a go.

The pink Christmas tree flannel didn't make the cut for the stockings, although I it was a close second.  I just didn't have enough to make a skirt too, and my hunt through all of the neighboring Joann's proved fruitless.  So, it was destined to fulfill its original purpose as a pillowcase for Halley.

The tutorial was so easy.  Seriously easy.  Like a 2 out of 10.  I wasn't sure how the whole band thing would work out, and now that I did it, I still don't understand it, but I am sure glad they figured it out for me.

I am sort of addicted now.  How fun would holiday pillowcases be for the girls?  Something to look forward to each year.  Now I just have to let Cinderella and Belle know that they are getting the boot.  Sorry ladies.  Not sure why I ever gave in and bought a character pillowcase in the first place.

I think I am heading back to Head to Toe.  I have a tissue box that is in desperate need of one of her covers.  Or do I need a tea towel?  Was it a sleeping mask?  What, all three?  Okay.


  1. My 3-year-old son actually is asking Santa for a pogo stick :)

  2. oooh pretty. Love those!
    I really need to crack down on my sewing skills...or maybe I'll just continue to support others instead.

  3. i have always said i was going to do this and i never have.....
    my friend makes her step kids one fro every holiday. which is a fun memory the will have i think.