Friday, November 28, 2008

Handmade Christmas

The ideas are brewing.

The bookmarks folder is getting full.
I am going to try to make or buy handmade gifts for all of the people on our list.
Some will be tricky, others really easy.
Each day I am checking here and here for new ideas.

I have quite a few little girls to give treats to.
I wish that I made these, but I found them at Chic Baby Rose.

I am in love.

I even had some made for Lucy and our new little one.
(I am under the strange assumption that she will have hair before her second birthday.)
Can you guess which one is hers?

One lucky person that guesses correctly will get a little surprise (a good one)!

Enjoy your sneak peek!


  1. OHH!! I know! I know!! But I won't ruin the surprise!! Cute clips!! Isn't her shipping AMAZINGLY fast?!! I ordered something on Sunday afternoon and got it Wednesday! Now THAT is some service!!

    Cute bow board too!! Back to decorating!

    Happy weekend!!

  2. Gorgeous little barettes! Wish I had a girl. Maybe number two one day.

    Oh man, that's a hard one! I have a feeling it's not in the picture... :-) I'm going to make two guesses. Audrey and Kylie.

  3. I am going to guess SKY. You said you had one made for her so I am thinking that it is one of the ones in the picture. If it is Sky then what a super cute name.....if not than I am sure the right name is just as cute!! Am I right???

  4. I am going to have to say Carpi maybe? Those are great clips btw!

  5. I'm going with Brylie. I love little girl names!

  6. I'm going with Capri even though it has already been said. I know how much you like that song. :)

    Love those clips. Gonna order a couple for my little girl. Thanks for the idea!

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  8. Very cute. I am guessing Sky. Lovely name!

  9. Oh, this is fun! Lets see, I'm not sure maybe it is Dani... after your hubby maybe??? They are all very nice names.

    You are inspiring me to learn how to sew..I think I'm becoming a fabric addict..and I have never stitched anything a day in my life....well maybe a button.. and let me tell you that wasn't pretty.

  10. ummm...Thats a hard one, but I will guess Brylie! I love that one...also a big fan of Reese!

  11. I'm going with Janey. Those are really cute. I can't wait to get some great inspiration (or copycat) from you this month!

  12. My guess is Goldie, which I think would be so cute with middle name Jae. They're all cute!

  13. there are a lot of cute names on that list! i'm picking . . . .janie! cute barrettes! kristen

  14. Oh those are too cute for words! My guess would be Brylie!

  15. Gosh, they are all cute... I'll guess Dani :)