The love for Bass Lake runs deep in my family. It is an enduring legacy that it has woven through the past 75 years, and once again we found ourselves on it shores, which thankfully have benefited from the substantial rainfall Northern California received this winter.
It was the perfect kickoff for a summer full of adventure, full of road trips, and full of exploring new and sweetly familiar places.   

We always day trip into Yosemite.  This year we hiked to Mirror Lake instead of making the drive to Glacier Point.  Because there was WATER!!!!
 Speaking of water, the Merced was flowing, and the rafting was safe but oh so fun.  Especially when this pink haired sunshine found herself caught on the wrong side shore, and rescued by another helpful family.  There is something so special about being in the outdoors, surrounded by the wonder and the beauty, everyone seems friendlier, and helpful. Life is better outdoors.
Fun fact, I have driven through the tunnel into the valley probably fifty times in my life.  Without fail, I cry every time.  EVERY TIME.  Lately we blast Phil Wickham with the windows down.  It is one of our favorite traditions.
Water!  Tucked behind those trees is Yosemite Falls.  With water!  In late June!
Our favorite secret swimming places at Bass Lake were also near water capacity.  It was glorious.
 We added a new facet to this year's trip, we decided (and by we, I masterminded the plan and somehow convinced Jason to add a day to the trip to go along with it.) to take the back route home through Tuolumne Meadows, and I wondered where it has been all my life.
I was ready to leave surburban life and spend the remainder of my days on the shores of Tenaya Lake.  There are no words to describe this clear, blue, wonder, surrounded by domes.  I want to come back armed with a hoodie and blankets at night and stargaze. 
 Then there is Tuolumne Meadows.  The elevation is high, the crowds are low.  There is beauty and wonder, and wildlife wherever you look.  I cannot believe I have never been there.  I cannot wait to come back.
 There is nobody I would rather road trip, hike, and adventure with.  I love that our kids love the Sierras as much as we do.  I love that they are a part of their story.
Lu is my yoga hero, and she is working on a little project for our friend Casey.  Her dancer pose is pretty much my life goal.

Another life goal of mine is to start shooting more video.  As much as love photos, there is something so specail about home movies.  Knowing that I have a professional level video camera in my pocket at all times gives me no excuse not to use it.  You will see our dear friends the Johnsons, who are family to us, and have gladly drank the Bass Lake and Yosemite koolaid with us.  All footage was shot with my iPhone 6s & GoPro and edited together as we drove home in the iMovie app.  Seriously.  Go shoot some video.  You will never regret it.  While you are at it, head to the Sierras.  I'll meet you there.


  1. Remember when people actually commented on blogs??! Google doesn't even know who I am anymore. And that video. Quite possibly the only film I have of Holland. Challenge accepted. Love you and your Koolaid. Add Molokai coconut. xxoo

  2. We home through Tuolomne last year; it was spectacular up there! See you soon for more epic adventures!

  3. This east coast girl wants to visit!

  4. yay! you were in our neck of the woods! I think I also need to add shooting video to my life goals. love this.