I have loved seeing the entries come in for the Forest Home Mother & Daughter retreat and the girls and I are so excited to draw a winner tomorrow.  I think we might just do it as a video on Instagram to make it more fun.  (Follow @joyshope to see if it's you!)  If you haven't entered yet, it's super easy.  Just click over to this post, and leave your comment at the bottom of the post.  I have temporarily allowed anonymous comments, so there are no obstacles to entry.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any problems.

Since I have the mountains on my mind, and am in complete denial that school starts Monday, I designed some free forest and mountain themed printables for you.
Click below each image to be directed to the downloads page.

Now if only I could click something to make summer last forever.
The end of summer means school, which means packing lunches, washing uniforms, doing homework, and all four kids in soccer.
Four.  Because clearly we have lost our summer loving minds.
Plus, the end of summer means the beginning of my least favorite season.
Deep, sad, sigh. In my heart it will always be summer forever.
To hear me lament the end of last year's summer, and to download a pineapple printable click here.
Pineapples > dead leaves.

Take me to the mountains.  The mountains where there are no soccer games.  Or homework.
Take me to Forest Home, where all my meals are made for me, super delicious, they wash the dishes, my kids have the time of their lives, and so do the grownups.  And Jesus.
It's pretty much paradise.
Oh, and chocolate chip shakes.  There will be Forest Home chocolate chip shakes in heaven.  I'm sure of it.
{FREE 8x10 printable available here.}
 {FREE 8x10 printable available here.}
{FREE 8x10 printable available here.}


  1. Jules, I found a beautiful printable, Micha 6:8, you created on the intranet, but I don't see it in your shop or freebies. I would love to use it in my bullet journal. When you get a chance, I would love to know how to get this! Thanks much.