Happy first day of fall.  Or whatever.  I am wearing black and smearing ashes over my face in mourning.  (Not really.  I am in my favorite jorts and spent the day at the beach, but that sounds much less dramatic.)

Bring back summer.  Forever.  Fall is the fourth best season.  I'll keep my iced black coffee and flip flops and you can keep your PSL and boots.

Summer is freedom and no schedules.
Fall is school and papers and lunches and homework.
Summer is Saturdays everyday.
Fall is soccer the destroyer of every Saturday and lots of Sundays.
Summer is swimsuits and beach towels.
Fall is socks and uniforms and so much laundry.
Summer is sleeping in and salty messy hair.
Fall is waking up early and attempting three specific and complicated hairstyle requests.
Summer is late night swims and bbq's.
Fall is early bedtimes and crockpot meals that make my children cry and my house stink.

All you people going all CRAZY for fall with quotes and turtlenecks and mantle decor, I still love you and your autumn obsessed ways.  Even if they make me want to take a sabbatical from Pinterest because I cannot with another pumpkin pin.  I CANNOT.  As for me, I side with my homie Olaf and will spend every day dreaming about summer.

{FREE 8x10 printable available here, plus a bunch of other ones.  Sadly none involve falling leaves.}


  1. Hello, I am hoping you will share something about your trip to Kenya earlier this year. I made a donation and I am really interested in how it went. Thank you Janita

  2. You know you don't have to do soccer, that might eliminate some of the Fall negativity. :)

  3. This is brilliant! You should pin this!! I for one love Fall and Spring as my fave seasons. I do love the no scheduled, lazy days of summer, but the heat and humidity?? No thank you.

    Happy Fall to you and yours!

  4. You are hilarious! I looooove summer and i love it a million times more now that I live in Montana where it's so stinking short compared to California when it's sunny most of the time. I HAVE to embrace fall or I will go crazy from being depressed that summer is gone and winter is coming. winter is coming.... i'm crying now.

  5. I am with you! Summer is my favorite!

  6. I am so ready for it not to be 1,118 degrees, but dude - you make some excellent points.

  7. AMEN!!! Summer will always be my favorite. I like the Fall color of the leaves changing but that's it!

  8. I hate soccer. Forever the ruiner of saturdays and my sanity.

  9. Too cute! Winter is my least favorite season. Not a fan of the cold. No thanks!

  10. Your new website design is great! I noticed the tab for Encounter Church and when I clicked on it and saw Lake Mission Viejo as a backdrop I smiled ear to ear. I grew up in MV, my parents still live there in the same house they bought 31 years ago, and I have so many great memories of that area. My hubs, kiddos and I live in GA now (LOOOOOOVE it here...I'm not a "summer person" like you) but we visit MV often. I am so excited that you are planting a church in my old stomping grounds. Blessings to you!

  11. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN!!!

    From a SO Cal pastors wife & mama of 4 (3 boys/1 girl). My words exactly! =)