I am leaving for the weekend.  I am attending and speaking at what will be my final retreat with the church that we have been with for fourteen years.  The topic I was asked to speak on?  Being full of joy.  In this season, by my own power or preference, I would have said no.  I do not love speaking.  I am struggling with joy right now.  I do however serve a great God who uses our fears, our struggles, our willingness, and can make beautiful things out of dust.  I am giving Him my dust and asking him to make it beautiful.

This in between life, the looking back while moving forward is hard.  It hurts.  I know that God is in it.  That doesn't negate the fact that change is difficult for me.

That might be part of my fall ennui.  The sudden change from summer freedom to school responsibilities brings with it a sense of shock and exhaustion.  My kids are tired and overwhelmed.  I am tired and overwhelmed.  Their behavior is not their finest.  Neither is mine.

On a particularly hard day, my dear friend Jessica sent me a little note.  In the note were the exact words I needed to hear, with a quote that was meaningful to her.  I had seen it on her fridge many  times.  It was something that she pondered over the years and something that brought her needed encouragement.  Encouragement she knew that I needed.

It now has a home on our fridge.  A gentle reminder to see the light of God in the mundane.  In the hard days.  In the days that I do not feel seen.  He sees me.  He sees me through the thoughtful action of a friend sending me a simple card in the mail.  A card that was a lifeline in that moment.

It is my hope that you can send a lifeline to a friend who needs the light of God upon their day.  A simple card.  A reminder that their work, their life, their days matter.  Even when they don't see it themselves.  So easy, yet so meaningful.

Thank you Jessica for your friendship.
Thank you Oswald Chambers for your wisdom.
Thank you God for shining light on my days.
{Free printable version available here.
These cards were printed on my favorite kraft paper. 
The file is black and white.}


  1. that is beautiful, and such a fresh perspective. thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank YOU for showing me Him more times than you know. Love you so much, friend.

  3. Last night I was at a woman's conference from church and one of the speakers said this: Heaven Father knows you. He loves you! He loves you even when you struggle and are imperfect. He knows of your successes. He doesn't care how popular you are or what dress size you are. He loves you! Only our fear prevents us from receiving his full blessings. May you feel his love around you in all that you struggle with at the moment.

  4. What inspirational words! I needed to be here today to read them... thanking God for guiding me toward your blog for this! I hope your retreat brought blessings to you in big ways. :)

  5. I love all of this. And you. And that you used "ennui" - I adore that word.