How do I explain one of my favorite days with my favorite photographer friend?
A day that was scheduled and rescheduled ten thousand times.  Don't you hate how life gets in the way of life?
Somehow all of the false starts and cancellations brought us to the most perfect day and the most perfect place.
Except the part where Drew was super sick, and yet somehow still found it within her to chase our very wild beast through the forest.  And chase she did. 

It all started sometime in October when I ran across the perfect little outfits from H&M.  Their favorite animals.  Perfect for each of them.  
We thought how fun it would be to have these little woodland creatures run through the local snowy forests.
So perfect, right?  Except someone didn't run yet, or walk.  Turns out he hates the guts out of snow as well.  (Proof of the dramatic fury here.)
Then we were sabotaged by tiny ugly germs that hit all of us this winter relentlessly. To the point where we were able to wait for Shane to finally decide to start walking (I mean running.)
Plan B was to find a different forest.  Except we live in Orange County, which is sorely lacking in open space, much less woodland trees.  Palm trees for days.  Redwoods.  Not so much.

That was until Drew found the perfect place.  The kind of place that makes you forget that you live in a sea of tract houses and strip malls.

A magical forest in which Drew worked her magic.

I might be biased by the whole these-people-are-my-family thing, but I think that this shoot is Drew's best one ever, ever, ever.

They are all my favorite.
Each one is tucked inside my heart, freezing my little family just how they are today.
Beyond thankful for how Drew can see us, see each of our personalities, each of our little relationships, and capture the sunshine and joy of our days. 
And because I like to know where things are from:
Girls outfits: H&M
Girls boots: Kohl's & Minnetonka
Girls flower headbands: Snugars (they have had them since they were babies & they still fit.)
Woodland masks: Mahalo
Cupcake toppers: Mia Sophias
Guys shirts: Target
My dresss & jacket:  Old Navy
Boots: Avenue
Earrings: Happy Days
Rainbow necklace:  Allora Handmade
Bracelet: 31 Bits
Teepee:  Garage sale find
Location:  Super secret and I will never ever tell, even if I am being tortured.

See the rest of the pictures here.  
Thank you Drew.  We could not possibly love them or you more.


  1. Yes!!! Awesome high fives all around!

  2. Your little guy's eyes are gorgeous! I'm so jealous!

    Each an every one of these pictures is lovely. :-)

  3. I cannot even take the amazingness, cannot even take it!

  4. Seriously. How can the pictures just get better each time? These are so, so great!

  5. such beautiful pics! love love love the one of the girls pulling shane in the radio flyer

  6. One of our favorite spots. We love to hike there and do picnics. Reminds me of home where I had a redwood forest in my backyard. These pictures are amazing. Drew has a gift.

  7. truly awesome. such a gift to have images every year. and i agree Drew does such a good job of bringing our your families personalities.

    and that teepee a garage sale find?! score!

  8. I love the one of you and your husband! They are all absolutely gorgeous.

  9. it's not really quite fair how gorgeous you are, you know?


    but seriously...these are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!
    the eyes! they all sparkle!

    xoxo :)

  10. These brought tears to my eyes seriously awesome. what a gift!!

  11. oh and i want you to tell your kids to slow down they are growing up too dang fast!!!

  12. Amazing pictures! Especially that last one!!!