My friend Shauna moved across the ocean, she is real and brave, and is finding beauty in her new circumstances.  I love how she captures her days, lives with transparency and joy, even when there are tears and hard, hard days.

I love this post that sums up so much of who she is, and how she is seeking to frame the little moments, good and bad.  She inspires me in so very many ways.  She is inspiring me to find little moments in our days to frame.

This week I am framing this moment.
This moment from a sunny day sledding, and a certain DRAMATIC photo bomber.
This moment from a week filled with so much joy, and so many tears.
This moment was good.
This moment was real.
It's going in a frame.


  1. ahhhh! i just love this!
    i completely get the hilarious/ridiculous/sorta awful moment when you just have to take a picture of your drama queen instead of fight it any longer.
    you guys have THE greatest smiles.
    they're contagious, i tell you!
    i miss you julie and i wish we could get together tomorrow to watch the ella and janie show...i wish that really bad.
    thank you for sharing with me, friend.

  2. Real life. I love it and I love that you are embracing it instead of tossing it out as imperfect. :)

  3. this is awesome, julie. i love the real moments, not just the "pretty" ones. although there is an awful lot of pretty here.

  4. So darn cute! That little fellow is definitely dramatic.

  5. Praying for your days to be lighter. Love this!

  6. such a great picture.... it doesn't even look real.
    so funny.

    here's to a new month!

  7. Ha, dramatic photo bomber! March into March (my mother always says this every year and usually it irritates me) but, my February was horrible sooo, I'm marching into March. So my blog friend March into March!!