1.  It's Cora's fifth birthday and there is a beautiful celebration going on here.  Help fill the Joyful Life Libraries up with books, and maybe win a taken out of retirement Pretty. Messy. Flower, and print, plus so many other wonderful prizes.

2.  This meal.  Make it tonight.  You won't be sorry.

3.  The thirty pound sack of sugar named Shane that I haul around all day long, tried to escape my grip to get the big red "ball" at Target, and tweaked my thumb.  Know what you need your thumb for?  ALL THE THINGS.  So that has been super fun.

4.  There was a time when I made creme brulee.  A lot.  Oh the good old days.  Now the ramekins mock me from the cupboard with their fancy frivolity.  I showed them a thing or two when they became holders of store bought cookie dough (GASP!) and baked up a whole mess of pizookies.

5.  I know technically Dan Stevens (a.k.a. Matthew Crawley a.k.a. Dead To Me) "fulfilled his contract" blah blah blah.  Lets be honest here: fulfilling a contract is a nice way of saying HE QUIT.  Because he did.

6.  Want to know what is one of my bizarre favorite things?  When I am baking and need exactly the amount of eggs that are left in the carton.  Then when I crack them, I can put the shells right back in.  If there is just one or two extra I am super bummed.

7.  I was super honored to be able to make a few things for the Mightee Kids booth at the Oscars gifting suite.  I KNOW.  The company is amazing, they give back with every purchase, help us as parents teach our kids about the world, and I am so excited that such a deserving company was able to be represented there.

8.  Remember when I was all runner-y?  Ya.  That sort of fell apart last month.  The first month since last June when the challenge started, that I didn't make the goal.  By "didn't make" I mean, I fell laughably short. (For full disclosure, I finished a mere 13.71 miles out of the 48 mile mark. Ouch.)  Back at it tomorrow. Fifty miles is the challenge this month.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME MARTA?????  Dang girl.

9.  I legit stopped biting my nails!!!  For an entire month now.  It's a crazy big deal.  Nail polish is fun.  Waiting for nail polish to dry is not.

 10.  Did you see Drew's Valentine mini-sessions?  I cannot even handle the cuteness or how she makes every little moment magical.

11.  Toffee crack.  It's back in my life after a long, long breakup.  All the more reason that I need to get myself running tomorrow.


  1. I'm the same way with eggs! If there's one left, sometimes I buck the system and put the last egg on TOP of the new carton.

    Edgy and dangerous, I know :)

  2. I totally hear you on the egg thing! when that happens it is such an awesome feeling!!!

  3. Oh man, I just love your blog. And your randomness...

    I hope your thumb feels better soon!

  4. Girl, it's good for you that I watched the season 3 finale last night---I had know idea until yesterday.
    Contract? Is that the reason? Oh that makes me sad, sad, sad!

  5. As a lifetime nail biter who quit 2 years ago, kudos! Painting my nails helped immensely because I hated the jacked up look of polish after biting. As for waiting for them to dry, I swear by Essie's Good to Go top coat. It's amazing. I've never dented/woken up with sheet marks on my nails since using it. Love.

  6. #9. my favorite. you're my non nailbiting hero. but i really like biting mine. so...
    but i do like nail polish. maybe i need to hiatus so i can paint them pretty for easter sunday.

    i wish i was runner-y again. its like nailbiting. i dont like doing it or quitting.
    but soon i will get back to biz.

    also. hi. :)

  7. I looove this countdown. When I'm crazy stressed, I know I can turn to your blog for some comedic relief. I still remember Clear and that hotline. No. 5 made me bust up laughing! Way to go about legit biting nails - that's HUGE! I recommend gel manicures or shellac. They last amazingly for us busy gals.

  8. your a nail biter, too?
    i bet i was worse(SO PROUD!)...but guess what?
    i grew my nails out!
    alas, i rarely paint them because, well...i'm lazy and doing the dishes allllll dayyyyy takes a toll.
    sorry about your thumb! i bet those amazing little cookie thingies helped though. please say they helped!

  9. You are amazing! I love the way I feel all happy when I see"Joy's Hope" on my Inbox! You take the crazy everyday moments in life and make them into not only mementos to share with your bunch when they grow up...but to share with people like me.....it's been 30 years since that time in my life. I didn't even have a real camera....but we are making up for lost time now I average 20 pics a day if no one else is around....thousands if we have a family event! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life! Crystal (Mamaw)

  10. Congrats on the no nail biting! I share your feelings about waiting for polish to dry. You need the Insta-dry top coat from Sally Hansen! Dries your nails in like 2 minutes! For reals. Magic.

  11. HOW did you stop biting your nails? Are you filling your mouth with toffe crack instead? This bite till it bleeds (then bite some more) nail biter needs to know! LOL.

  12. I feel like we're kindred souls far apart (and making me seem all stalkery). I sigh with pleasure when I use up the eggs and create less mess putting them back in the carton to trash.

    He TOTALLY quit. It's no wonder you need toffee crack back in your life. I need it back too. But I can't let myself make it unless it's specially requested and only when the requestor is on their deathbed and will eat it ALL.

    I have NEVER gotten to the monthly running challenge goal. I've come close, within about five miles, but I've NEVER made it. So that should help you feel better. ;-)

    Your nails look GOOD! :-D

  13. The spoiler made me sad, some of us are a season behind.

  14. Love the blog though! I check in fairly regularly, even though I don't comment a lot.

  15. yes to the eggs. and yay to the nail biting and new beginning on running. I'm getting up to get a few miles in tomorrow morning!

    i love these random posts.
    happy day, friend!

  16. boo to Dan Stevens...so lame.

    the eggs...YES. i'm the same way. it's the little things.

    happy thursday, julie.

  17. TOTALLY get the egg thing! I laughed out loud. Still can't talk about the finale of Downton- so ticked.
    I am really excited about Cora's joyful life library though! Love this ministry- as parents who spent time at a children's hospital, we are excited to give to this!

  18. Thanks so much for helping me with The Joyful Life Project. You are the best! Praise God for all He is doing!

  19. You gotta try Sally Hansen insta-dri...dries in 60 seconds and you only need one coat! It's the best!!!
    You can find it at target...it's amazing!

  20. The women who played Sybil and O'Brien on Downton also "quit." Life goes on.

  21. Your nails look great! I stopped biting mine 5 years ago when I got my job as a school secretary and everyone got a birds eye view of my nails every day. The trick? Keep them polished. Mine ALWAYS have polish on. I give myself a manicure every Sunday night during "The Amazing Race" and the #1 best quick dry?...."Out the Door" - super, fast drying top coat which does not chip during the week. You can get it at any Sally's Beauty Supply.