So ya.
I have logged into Pinterest maybe once this month.
I pinned one thing.
It's been a crazy month.
Besides, Pinterest is ROUGH when you are trying to avoid sugar, and time and money is scarce for fun projects.  It's all too tempting.

Sometimes real life can be just as awesome as Pinterest.

Case in point, I took this photo while at the CUTEST STORE IN THE UNIVERSE Oh Hello Friend, and knew that I had to straight up copy it in my life.

Best part?  I totally had the pipes in my garage (somewhere) from the surfboard rack in our old house.  Our current house came with one already built in the garage, which was a cool side effect of the previous owner being a part time shaper.

Anyway, here is the old rack, with the pipes:

I miss that old house.  It was a really fun season of life there.  There is always something special and sweet about the home that you brought your babies home to.

I found a pull down Africa on Ebay with intentions of marking where the wells our church and Project 320 have sponsored, as well as where Hope for Sudan is feeding people.
I love this map.
I love globe lights.
I do not love the fact that our upstairs has some crazy electrical issues, or that the ceiling light in the guest room is currently, permanently dead, and especially the major drywall surgery that will be involved to fix it. Surgery that is not, and will maybe never be, in the budget.

So, I dug through the garage, almost gave up, until finally in a flustered mess, found the pipes.  Then I bought globe lights at Target.

Climbed a ladder.
Screwed the flanges to the wall, strung the lights, ignored the gigantic laundry pile, and called it a day.
Never mind that a guest is coming tomorrow to sleep in said laundry strewn bed...   The lights will distract her, right?

Lighting issue solved for $12.50.  Pretty dang cute too.
No electrician required.

I am one happy girl.

Pin that.

Linking up this cheaty project here:


  1. I love that! The map and the lights together, I think it may be needed in my home as well.

    Did you make the quilt in the photo too? It's very cute!

    Thanks for being someone I can relate to this month, even if you are only in 'internet world'.

  2. Love it! My husband has a "thing" about lighting, so we have the Target glow lights in our room. We both like it, so that's a win for sure :)

  3. My friends LOVE Oh Hello Friend. I've been meaning to go there!!

  4. I refuse to come if the ceiling light is not fixed.

  5. that is so cute!!! love it!!!


  6. Love it! She'll never notice the laundry ;)

  7. Love it! She's your friend...therefore SHE must be awesome just like you are.....therefore, she will love it....and fold your laundry! :) blessings! Crystal

  8. well arent you resourceful.
    and pintertesty.

    i'm getting myself one of those maps. i'll fly you up to install the lighting.
    please and thank you :)

  9. You are so super handy! Love this. Totally pinning!