I have been reluctant to do a house tour for two reasons:
1. It is rarely clean enough to photograph.
2. My paranoia.
But now since we worked like crazy to get it ready to sell and these same pics are all over the MLS, won't you come in and take a look around?

In case you would like to buy it, I am only asking three things.
1. Please buy it on the first day that it is listed.
(The thought of weeks and weeks of showings is stressing me out.)
2. Please pay asking price.
(Or above. I'm okay with that.)
3. Please rent it back to us for $1 until our new house is ready.
(A girl can dream, right.)

So let the tour begin.

But be warned.
If you do not like the beach, starfish or the color
turquoise, and crazy paint colors,you are not invited.
Just saying.

Here is the entry way.
We did the laminate floors about a year ago and I big puffy heart them.
So easy to clean!!!
The pictures above the couch can be seen better here.

We have wanted to redo our fireplace since we moved it.
We finally did it last week.
Why is it that we finally get to things for the new owners?

Old windows are my favorite way to display pictures.
These came from my neighbors trash.
Even better!!!
The aqua surfboard is mine.
It is lonely. I really need to dust it off and use it again.

Welcome to the dining/ craft room.
It never, ever, ever looks like this.
I had to document this for proof....
This is where I sew and paint and create chaos.
The light is inspiring, as is the new paper quilt.
The only trouble is, it is open to the entire house,
thus no hiding of the mess.

I wish I had before pictures of our kitchen.
It was stuck in the 1970's in the worst way.
I made the pot rack out of pipes from Home Depot.
It reminds me of this which I can't wait to do in our new house.

Off of the kitchen is my DVR paradise.
In case you are a robber, lets just pretend
that the ginormous TV is broken okay?
Anyone seen Lilo and Stitch?
Know what Ohana means?

This is Halley and Lulu's room.
Heather picked the color and Crystal and Meg made the pillows.
I found the faux Pottery Barn bunks on Craigslist and they were a Christmas gift from my sweet parents. I adore them.

This is Janey's room.
Even though it still features Halley's quilt and surfboard.
Good thing she can't read!

Our room is simple and peaceful.
I found the Ballard Designs bed at a consignment store.
When I saw it I literally had to contain my screams.
The bedding is from Pottery Barn by way of Ebay.
I couldn't find the matching shams, so I bought a
shower curtain and cut it up to make my own.

This is our peaceful backyard.
In the background you can see a bit of the girl's playhouse.
I am hoping that the new owners will let us take it with us.

Let me just tell you that these pictures portray a reality that isn't really ours. I have packed away nearly half of our belonging and stripped almost all of the pictures from the walls. Part of me is happy to see it so clean and simplified, but the other part feels like nobody really lives here. As much as the messes can drive me crazy, the lack of them feels a little sad too. I love this house. I will miss this house. But when we move on I really look forward to new memories and new messes. The unpacking however, not so much.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your colors! My house is BEIGE BEIGE BEIGE.

  2. I love it. Thanks for the tour. It is beautiful. The idea of the pictures in old windows is great- I am going to snag some up next time I see them!

  3. I LOOOOOOVE your house!!! I am so jealous! I wish I could buy a house so I could do all kinds of cute things to it, but I'm stuck in an apartment for now sadly.

    I bet you'll sell it right away!

  4. Ohana means family! Family means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten! I love Lilo & Stitch.

    Good luck selling! I'm sure it will go quick, with a house that good lookin!

  5. Ohhh this was fun!! It is so neat to see where other people live and where they call home! Thank you! Now you know you'll have to show us your new home once you are all settled in, right?!

    I LOVE all your use of color!! That is so my style!!

    Hang in there with the showings...you'll make it!!

  6. Your house is to die-for beautiful! I LOVE everything about it - seriously! :-) I dont think you could be nOT happy there . . . I'm sure you'll sell it fast!

  7. Love Love Love it! Beautiful place. I would imagine it will sell quick! It's great to have a house that's ready to move into!

  8. the last 2 photos didn't come through but i love your kitchen the best..and I love your floors too...good luck in selling it..:)

  9. What a lovely home! Now why are you moving???

  10. Beautiful home! I love the color in your kitchen and the pot rack is genius…I need to do something like that!! I also like your idea of putting photos in window frames! Hope your house sales quick and you have a nice and safe move. I want to move to an acreage someday, but we still have a lot of fixin’ up to do on this old house.

    My Etsy Shops!

  11. I love it, Julie! And it's so fun to see a tour of someone's house - it's a little piece of getting to know you better. We have similar beachy taste, grass skirt stuff and starfish. My kids rooms and bathroom are surfy, too :) I really love your backyard and all the light in your house. I know God will send THE buyer on THE right day. Enjoy your last moments making memories in your house - while trying to keep it clean all the time for lookers. lol!


  12. Beautiful and I love the colors!!! I can see why you will miss it.

  13. Oh my gosh! Loveeee it! I love bright, funky colors so much and omg, this is amazing!

  14. What a beautiful home you have! I am so excited for you guys! Thank you for the tour. :)

  15. Your home is gorgeous! The new owners will be so blessed!

  16. I dream of the beach and beach inspired decor just like your home, but we are stuck in the desert. Simply gorgeous though. I do know what you mean about the messes. I feel like my house says kids live here and are happy to play here.

    Oh and Ohana means family!

  17. Neat! Just the aloha spirit I need I figured out how to comment..now you don't have to read my annoying emails!

  18. i would worry more about the quilt in janey's room than the tv.

  19. Your house is gorgeous! I love every single room, especially your bedroom. But you know what makes it so awesome? You! The personal touches that are added by having a family live in a home is what makes it a home. So don't be too sad, your new house will be just as wonderful as the last one once you get all settled in. :-)

  20. Your home is beautiful Julie! So sad that you are moving but you will create new wonderful memories in your new home too. FWIW if I was looking for a house in your neck of the woods I would buy yours :)

  21. Your house is gorgeous! I love how open and bright it is. I'm so inspired!

  22. I love the colors!

    I can't wait unti you move to Kansas. You and Heather. Ha!

    Ohana means family. And family means nobody gets left behind. LOOOOVE that! Consider that idea stolen.

    That was my favorite Disney movie for years until just recently when I saw Up. Our two dogs are even named Lilo and Stitch.

  23. beautiful.
    so beachy...and i love the beach.
    now i am wishing i could lay on your surf board in the ocean all afternoon...not going to happen.

    love your happy bright colors...and that window.
    guess how many of those i have in the basement...you would die!
    i need to get working on that.

  24. I love your house! The colors are gorgeous.

  25. Ok first off, if only I had the money I would buy your house in an instant and let you live there as long as you want and only if you made me one of your amazing quilts.....
    Second, I don't think I have ever seen your house that clean and sparkling or empty lol as long as I can remember the Carson house has been full of surfboards, crafts, and people!
    And Third, I am going to go photo diving and try to find the pictures I took of when you first moved into that house! I totally remember the sleepover! Haha I always thought it was funny that your core group girls spent the night in the house before jason did lol good times, and I am pretty sure I have pictures of the funky kitchen! and the spare bathroom which didn't have a working shower if I remember correctly lol

    I can't wait to see the new house! Let me know if you need any babysitting help or moving help! Love ya!

  26. You must not have slept in days! Can I just say how proud of you I am! It is hard doing this period...let alone with 3 little (busy) ones around. Your house is wonderful. We have always felt so welcome and comfortable there. I love you all very much and please let me know if you need anything at all. I hope you take a break to join us at the beach this week! XO

  27. bright, fun, and fresh! love it all!

    here's to amazing memories in the new place you have to call home.

    we linked you to our new blog b/c we think you're all that and a trip to sonic happy hour.


  28. Love the house, it looks so comfy and homey. I love lilo & stitch too! The house we purchased actually had a room painted neon pink with a full wall done in a luau kind of motif that the previous owner painted. The other 3 walls were the pink with huge lillies on the wall in even brighter pink and yellow. Really fun but not good for a guest room. It took 5 gallons of primer to cover over it...

  29. Turquoise is my favorite color, too! I can't get enough. Cute pics.

  30. I Love all the colors and unique touches in your house. LOVE the fireplace~

    I was laughing when I read about your dining room. That is sooo OUR HOUSE. My hubby calls the dining room table "Theresa's Project Graveyard." Because it is ALWAYS a mess from my crafting.

    Good luck selling your house! I hope whoeve buys it loves it.

  31. Um, I want your house!! So gorgeous, Julie!! "Ohana" is one of my favorite words and the next time we're in Hawaii I'm getting it tattooes somewhere, to match all of my other Hawaiian tattoos! What a gorgeous homE!

  32. OHANA means FAmily ... Sophie just loves lilo we have to DVR it for her becasue of the time it comes on. When she gets time it's all about lilo and stitch, as well as the little mermaid.

  33. you have a fun home...very cheery.

    we got our p.b. bedding via ebay as well, love it! is that a grass skirt under your bed? my son has had grass skirting as his bed skirt for 4.5 years, i just got rid of it and though i liked it's appearance i am so GLAD to not have to vacuum up after it any more.

  34. Who doesn't love turquoise, seriously? I think your home is warm, inviting, eclectic and and an inspiration! No doubt it will sell fast. Good luck!

  35. 1. LOVE LOVE LOVE your house!
    2. So glad that your last comment said that this is not reality for you...only because selfishly I was feeling pretty bad about our baby- and-kid-stuff (ok, and my stuff,too) cluttered house compared to your spotless abode til I read that....so glad I am not alone in my "this mess drives me out of my flippin' mind some days, but oh how I will miss it when it's gone"!

  36. Your house is so cheery and fun. :) Love it!!