Every hero needs a good origin story.
This is the story of Bob the bobcat.
The mascot of Camp Mom*tog and so much more.
 It all started out with a little bit of crazy, as most origin stories do.
I asked my cousin, who works for the OC Parks Department (and who is restoring a VW camper, and I am trying to hide my simmering envy) if she could gather us some random camp-ish props for our photobooth.  Then I casually threw in "and perhaps a bobcat..." as some what of a joke.

The thing is all jokes are some percentage true, or so they say...
Right then and there I KNEW with all that I am that I needed a bobcat.  Like forget the twenty billion things on the list that I still needed to make/ do/ buy/ prep, and trust me there were pages upon pages of things on my list.  PAGES.  They could wait.

I could think of nothing else but Operation Bobcat.  I was consumed with the procuring of a bobcat.  I would not quit.  I would not fail.  It would happen, somehow, someway.
Desperate times call for desperate measures.  I had to do the one thing that I feared most...
Ask Facebook, and thereby effectively end my Facebook boycott.
See, I don't hate FB, it is just not my thing.  I had already come out of semi-retirement to join the Camp Mom*Tog private FB page, but the normal day to day FB thing?  NO.

What is it good for though?
Finding bobcats.  And being especially hilarious.
(P.S. Don't friend request me.  Because I am never on it, and I only approve those who I have met with my own eyeballs.  Sorry.  I'm a little paranoid, which is ridiculous having a blog and such, but go with it.)

So what happened immediately after I lit up the bobcat signal?
Erin came in and saved the day.
I KNOW!!!!
Mr. Burns, you have no idea how glad I am that you are a biology teacher with a room full of critters, or how happy I am to know your wife.
The bobcat was secured, but the hilarity just continued.
I mean CHUCK TESTA!  Nope.  (Which is a real commercial, which is horribly awesome.)
It just got better and better.
I made up with Facebook.
Then ordered a rattlesnake of the fake variety (hello) on Amazon.
My cousin put an owl and trout in the costume bag.
The morning of camp, I headed out to meet Bob for the first time.
The freeway I needed to take was closed, I was running late (surprise, surprise),  Apple maps failed me (also surprise, surprise), but I did what any good former Brownie Scout would do.
I figured out an alternate route without the help of my phone.
Shocking, I know.  It pays to have been born in the time of having to plan out your own routes without the help of satellites.  Thank you Dad for teaching me how to read the Thomas Guide and to pay attention to where I am going.

Then I posted this picture of Bob riding shotgun with me and people did not show him love.
If there was a dislike button, it would have been pressed.  A LOT.
He is so misunderstood, as many great heroes are.

Sadly Bob and I have to part ways today.
I will deeply miss him, and look forward to the day when we can be together again.

Which is a perfect segue to this...
Come meet Bob.
Learn how to use your DSLR with Drew.
Make crafty crafts with me.
Registration is open for the next Camp Mom*Tog on August 24th.

Drew, Bob, and I hope that you can join us.
For registration details click here.


  1. yup, i totally enjoyed this story. you guys are awesome!

  2. Instead of spending time with our children we are hunting down stuffed bobcats and deer blankets. We are awesome moms. PS I wanted to get you a stuffed bobcat of your very own, but a) they are crazy expensive and b) they are just so, so, so gross.

  3. i'm totally friending you on facebook.