My three little girls.
Best friends.
A beauty parlor birthday celebration.
Donuts, hot cocoa, nail polish, curling irons, and crazy eye shadow.

A simple, girlie, dreamy day.

They are a gift.  I never want to forget them like this.
Nor do I want to fear for the rapidly approaching teenage years.
Even though the world wants me to.

{framing this little moment with Shauna.}

P.S.  There are still a few countdown signs left in the shop.
Grab one before they are gone until Fall.


  1. Beautiful, Julie. The photo & the words.

    I have 4 girls... I know what you mean about so many gloom and doom prophecies. But I know some seriously delightful teenagers. Christ followers. People leaders. I know the teen years can be blessed!!! :)

  2. I have 9 children {baby 10 due in July} watching them play together. Enjoying just being friends with each other.

  3. I have two teenage daughters and it is a glorious stage. The only thing to fear is that once they reach those years, they will soon leave you.

  4. I have 3 daughters, too (my oldest and second are the same ages as Lucy and Janey), and I'm not dreading the teen years. I love seeing the young women they are becoming. We always talk about how sisters are your friends for the rest of your life and always pray that they will be great friends.

    Maybe it's bad to say out loud, but little kids are harder for me than older ones, so I figure we have to pray that we don't suck as parents when they are little so that they want to talk to us and be with us as they get older :)

  5. so sweet.

    my girls 13 & 11 are still besties. they always will be, i'm certain. their friendship has deep healthy roots that they already value. your giving that to your girls. makes a mama know she is blessed, huh?!

  6. I have a 16 year old daughter. As long as your kids have a good family foundation (and I can tell that they do) the teen years shouldn't be too scary. The worst I get from my daughter is a few eye rolls now and then and a bit of grumpy PMS. Good girls will continue to be good girls.

  7. They are beautiful. What a lucky mama!

  8. Love the look of your blog! Awesome awesome and I love it!

    What a photo of your three gorgeous girls. :-D

  9. What a lovely picture!!! Your girls are gorgeous. :-)

  10. i am unsure.... BUT i think not all teenagers are alike. ;) some may be pretty fun. but i will let you know in about 10 years.
    like the new bloggy. it's super fun.

  11. So very sweet! I agree about not fearing the teen years like the world wants you to. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard "oh just wait until she is 14..." And really think assuming it will be bad is not right - yes they change and it can be a bit sad - but honestly if we let them change, give them a little room and sort of "join them" on certain things its all so much fun! My daughter will be 14 in the summer and we have so much fun together, but I am still her mom and say the things I know she doesn't want to hear and kindly tell her its my job to be her mom. We work together and learn from each other everyday!

    It really doesn't have to be scary and awful - so glad your girls have each other - sometimes I am sad my daughter doesn't have a sister but she sure is lucky to have the brother she has ;)

    Hope you are having a great day! I really enjoy your blog so much! I think I am going to make toffee crack this weekend!