1.  This kid has no interest in walking.  I am so fine with that.  Just like I was fine with his late walking sister.  (P.S.  It hurts my heart to see her all little and bald.  Time is a jerk.)

2.  This kid hates butter.  I question where I went wrong in raising her.

3.  I updated the list of Christmas albums that have been filling our home.  Some new good ones.  Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

 4.  Want to help bring a sweet orphan home to her family?  Want treats?  Visit Life Rearranged for the deets.

5.  I am up to my eyeballs in cranberry cookies.  Cookies that broke my cookie scoop.  I feel really lost in the kitchen without it.  What? I have to use a spoon???? Is this prehistoric times?

6.  These helmets.  I mean seriously.  Head injury prevention has never, ever, ever, been cuter.  I went looking for the bunny and the unicorn, but the cats aren't so bad as second choice.

7.  Hello.  Child and baby sized Mission style rocking chairs at Disney's Grand Californian.  Can you even deal with it?  Chances are, we will never stay there, but we sure do put some time in the lobby.  How could you not?

8.  This was an awesome craft.  It kept her busy for hours.  Until she ran out of rocks.

9.  If Amazon didn't exist, I fear we would have 0% of our Christmas shopping done.  Out in public we are dorks and get nothing accomplished.

10.  The stomach flu sucks.  I am however thankful for the super capacity washing machines at the laundromat.  Enough about that.

11.  I'm debating between these two amazing items to bring to a favorite things exchange.  Neither are very glamorous, but both are game changing.  Lemi Shine almost made the cut at my last Favorite Things party, and at that party, I was lucky to find out about the Tresemme Two Spray hairspray that keeps your curls in foreverrrrrrr.

What are the latest and greatest bits of nonsense in your life today?


  1. I am moving in three weeks and have nothing packed.
    To be fair, I only have a little to do, and the hubby has all the rest.
    Wait, I guess that really isn't fair.
    And I am so with you on Amazon and LemiShine.
    Those are the best.
    How's that for random? :)

  2. Kids were off school today because of strike action so we took the teachers donuts and we went swimming ~ huzzah!
    Then we signed up for swimming lessons and had lunch with grandma.
    Gooooood day. :)

  3. My oldest daughter has that blue kitty helmet. My younger one has one that has a tiara on top from the same company. Too too too cute.

  4. best hairspray for cheap!! {kenra hairspray is my splurge fave!} your kids are impossibly cute!!

  5. hmmm... i'm currently holding my smooshy, chubby, bald baby and she is snoring in my arms. oh and i love dry shampoo! life saver. now i need to get off the couch and make three dozen cookies for the school!

  6. I tried to get my Dad hooked on the fabulousness that is Lemishine...but he said, "Why don't you just use a cup of vinegar in each load you wash? It will do the same thing and save you money." And you know what? He was right. As usual.

  7. Ashlyn hates butter, too. It upsets me.

  8. I've heard amazing things about Lemi shine. I haven't tried it yet though. I hear you on time being a jerk. I feel as though I blinked and my children can now do so many things by themselves that they used to need Mommy to do. It's bittersweet.

  9. I'm gonna vote on lemishine.
    also i want to have a favorite things party with you.
    except you just bring me ALL THE THINGS.

    except those cat helmets.
    our friendship is teetering.

  10. a year ago, kayla and i sat in those little rocking chairs at the Grand Californian, while in pajama onesies. your kids look much better in them.

  11. cade dislikes butter. third child craziness. and totally brought lemishine today. it's changed my life.

  12. you know, i feel so many things about this. i will just say that i love cost plus world market.

  13. same hairspray i use - even the other versions tresemme has don't work as well as the green one... happy new year!