Last year I baked, and ate, and ate, and baked, and fell in love with a cookie.
A simple cookie with way too long of a name.
A cookie that makes me think of snow and pine trees and cozy quilts.
A cookie that isn't going to win any beauty pageants, but has what matters most- it's crazy delicious.
This year was going to be the year to bake White Chocolate Cranberry Cream Cheese Snickerdoodles.
Then my cookie scoop broke. 
Don't go messing with my cookie scoop.
Plan B was stolen right from the mind of Jami Nato.
Cookie dough to go.
Brilliant, right?  Because the homely looking, delicious tasting, too many words in the title, cookie could have been passed over in the vast sea of holiday treats that find their way into our parties, doorsteps, and offices.
Cookie dough to tuck in your fridge or freezer, to bake at your leisure, say when you are in need of eating some Christmas-is-already-over feelings, however would be a welcome delight.

Meet White Chocolate Cranberry Cream Cheese Snickerdoodles version 2.0:

A sleeker name.
A cute package.
Same glorious insides.

The name and design inspiration comes from one of my most favorite childhood Christmas stories: Cranberry Christmas.  I remember looking forward to that book each and every year.  My brother and I even called our neighbor Cyrus Grape.  He was a mean dude.  MEAN.  I am so sad the book is out of print and a million dollars on Amazon.  It really is so special.  If you come across one at a thrift shop, be sure to snatch it up.

Anyhow...  the cookies are NOTHING like the recipe in the back of the book, but still, they can honor it in some fashion, right?

Here is the lowdown on how to make the dough to go:

Make according to this recipe here.
Chill for at least 30 minutes (it is really sticky dough)
Divide dough into thirds.
Plop each third onto plastic wrap and roll like a burrito.
Jami has great pictures on each step here.
Scoop 1/3 cup cinnamon sugar into snack size Ziploc bags.
(I do not love the cinnamon sugar pack that comes with the snickerdoodle mix.)

Nestle together the Ziploc of sugar, and the plastic wrapped dough, roll like a burrito in wax paper.

Secure wax paper with tape, tie ends with string or twine.
Print out the labels, cut in half, secure with tape.
Gift away.

You might just feel the need to save a batch for yourself, you know, for quality control, and safety testing issues.
Each snickerdoodle pouch makes three dough rolls.  Each dough roll makes one dozen cookies.
I was able to bust out twelve in one naptime.  With multiple jalapeno Cheeto breaks in between, obviously.
With no cookie scoop, and one oven, baking twelve dozen cookies would have taken me twelve dozen years.
The dough plan is SO MUCH BETTER.

Happy dough rolling.

Download the printable labels here.

 (So many more yummy cookie recipes over at The Larson Lingo link up.)


  1. I'm totally doing this next year! These cookies have become famous around here. I made them last year and friends and co-workers can't get enough of "crack cookies" as they've called them ever since.

    This giftable version is brilliant!

  2. You already know I'm in love with this. So, on to Cranberry Christmas. I have a copy of Cranberry Valentine! Didn't know about the Christmas version- eep! $40! It was one of my students' fav books in February though. Quirky and fun.

  3. any in your freezer? IF so, I'm on my way!

  4. Wow! Great idea! Thanks for sharing. I loved that book too. : )

  5. Super cute idea! Jalapeno Cheetos- LOL!
    Have a wonderful day!

  6. I love this idea, Joy! Maybe I'll use it for Valentine's Day. :) Merry Christmas!

  7. Giving cookie dough is such a good idea! I've already baked cookies for the neighbors this year but next year, I think I'm doing this!

  8. There is a Cranberry Christmas on ebay right now for 19.99 buy it now and less than $8 shipping. So less than $30. That is the least I've seen it!

    Love the cookie idea too! ;)

  9. Yes!! I remember reading on Jami's blog about rolling them up like this, Thank you for the reminder!!! LOVE it. And, can you believe it....I have never made your cranberry cookies?!?!?! What is wrong with me. i will be baking 2 rolls for my in laws Christmas party on Saturday and then I will bring her a roll to bake later as a hostess gift. You rock!!!

  10. I approve of the name change. Next time I think you should just go with a symbol. These cookies are a huge hit. Also, 100% with you on the c&s packet. There is something wrong with it. I can't exactly identify the problem but it's off.

  11. Ahhhhh! I made them last night. Best Christmas cookie ever! My son wants them instead of cake for his birthday! LOL Thanks for sharing. The cookie dough idea is great, because the ones I made for the neighbors aren't going to get to actually leave the house. They are too yummy! : )