I am co-hosting a Favorite Things party tonight with the Pink and Aqua apron sisters, and to say that I CANNOT WAIT is a laughable understatement.  We have been trying to get this on the calendar since October.  Crazy life has gotten in the way.  But no longer.  It is so on.

This is how the party works.
Each guest picks one of their favorite things.
Our price limit was $6 or under.
So you buy five of your favorite item.
Then at the party, each guest puts their name on five pieces of paper.
We go around the room, sharing what our favorite thing is, where you can buy it, and then pick five people to give it to.
Each person goes home with five new faves, and a list of other fun finds.

Sweets, treats, and goody bags are involved, of course.

I have been thinking for months about what I would chose for my favorite thing would be.
I obviously have tons of faves.

1.  Confetti sprinkles from Smart & Final
2.  My fave candle from Walmart, that smells just as yummy as the Bath & Body ones, but is only $4.97
3.  Rustoleum Lagoon spray paint

1.  Falsies mascara
2.  Burt's Bees lip balm
3.  Haagen-Daz Creme Brulee ice cream.  Like whoa.
4.  Nutella.  Hello.

1.  Sunglasses from Forever 21
2.  LemiShine (if you have hard water YOU NEED THIS!!!)
3.  Luna Peanut Honey Pretzel bars.  Crazy delicious.
4.  Twine sampler pack.  Happiness.

So what did I choose?
It's a secret.  
Super awesome.


Details to come....

What would your favorite thing be?


  1. I have been thinking about throwing one of these parites after reading about it on Pinterest. I would definitely go with Falsies Mascara too! Love that stuff. OPI Nailpolish, Sonic gift card to get a cherry limeade, a Vera Bradley ID purse (over $6 though). Fun!

  2. SO fun!!! I threw a Favorite Things Party in December at my house with some girls from church & it was SO fun! We brought 3 gifts $10 and under, so I gave my favorite bottle of inexpensive wine & the movie 27 dresses. Have fun tonight!!!

  3. how fun! now i want to throw a favorite thing party!

  4. What a FUN party! I can see why you are excited! I look forward to the details!

  5. I saw this on another friend's blog and it looked so much fun. I might have to dream this up for myself!! I love all of you picks and you have me making a trip to Walmart very soon.

    Have a blast and post soon. I can not wait to see how it all turns out.

  6. Luna Bar (Lemon). Bath and Body Lotion. Scentsy refills!

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  8. Id definitely pick Burt's Bees. I have like 6 gazillion of them. One in every coat/jacket/jeans pocket and then some in my makeup bag/backpack/serving apron... Definitely Burt's Bees! :))

  9. What a FUN party! Love it. I'm comin' over. Be there in about 8 hours.

  10. How fun - Such a great idea!!! I certainly agree with you on all of these... especially Lemi-Shine. What a life saver!!!

  11. ok, i sooooooooo wanna throw wanna these parties! sounds like so much fun! maybe when school is out and my schedule is a little less crazy!

    thank you for sharing! can't wait to see what you picked!

    think i would have to share my homemade sugar scrub with the gals! or....a cd with my favorite song to listen to over and over again, or.....gawh, the possibilities are endless! so doing this!

  12. what a fabulous list!!!
    i was wondering if you'd seen the lagoon spray paint. :)
    we have done all kinds of things in that color around here.
    i can only find it at home depot. i am luna bar girl....everyday.
    and heck yes on the walmart candles. last time i was looking for my favorite pumpkin ones....they were GONE! they had better not discontinue that. who would discontinue pumpkin??? walmart probably.
    miss you.
    have FUN tonight!!!!

  13. What an awesome party idea! I will definitely remember this one. Have fun!

  14. We did something similar last Christmas in my family. Instead of exchanging gifts, my sisters, their kids, my parents and my family all brought favorite things to give to our loved ones. I brought Peppermint Joe-Joes (!!). My niece and sister rocked it though. My sister is a book lover so she picked specific books from her favorites to give us all - she tracked them down at a used bookstore to stay in the dollar limit. My niece made us a mix-CD of her favorite songs that remind her of each of us. They were so personalized, but pieces of each them. We are definitely doing it again this Christmas! Have a great time!!

  15. Did you see that a a mom filed a lawsuit against Nutella saying that it had false advertising for claiming to be a healthy alternative to traditional breakfast foods? Crazy, a $3 million settlement. You can actually file a claim if you bought some between 2009-2012. I did it. :) Who knows if I'll get anything, but few extra bucks is nice. http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/the-exchange/today-food-finance-nutella-not-broccoli-162956191.html

    I discovered Fresh Batch Soap Co. at the Queen Bee in SD last year and bought the "lemon coconut" lip balm and OMW, it is unbelievable. I like it better than Burt's and that's saying a lot. Definitely worth looking into, supporting all those handmade lovelies: http://www.freshbatchsoap.com/product_p/1234.htm :)

  16. i had a favorite things party last july and am already making plans for this coming july!!
    my favorite thing then was eos lip eggs that YOU got me hooked on!! everyone is loving them now!

  17. what a fun night you have in store!!! This sounds like so much fun! I think I would have Burt's Bees (slightly addicted), some cute essie nailpolish, and cute rosie clips that I make (they are free if I already have them made, right?!?!). I must plan one of these in the near future!

  18. Sounds like so much fun!! Have a great time!

  19. We share so many faves but there are some new ones on here too!

    I am burning a Wal Mart melt right now. I think it is the rose scent. LOVE their candles. So much so I hesitate to tell people for fear they'll run out. It is Wal Mart, that won't happen.

  20. That party sounds fabulous and the ideas are rolling around in my head wanting to plan one. I really don't know what I'd share though. I like the idea of a cd with my favorite songs. Can't wait to see what you shared. Thanks for the amazing idea.

  21. OK...peanut honey pretzel Lunas? How did I miss those? And Wally World candles that actually smell? And smell good? Sneaking these onto my shopping list! Thanks! XO

  22. Oh gosh.. My favorite things would be:

    1. This coffee.. Crazy good. http://www.amazon.com/Big-Train-Blended-Vanilla-2-8-Ounce/dp/B000FL546O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1335657606&sr=8-1
    2. Blueberry flapjacks candle from here: https://www.facebook.com/ScentsoryOverload
    3. Turqouise nail polish (doesn't matter what brand).
    4. Purse from Thirty One Gifts.

    Can't wait to see your detailed post on the party!
    5. Glee CD. :)

  23. this is a fun idea. affordable, too. i like affordable.
    my favorite under $6 thingsm hmm?
    burts bees soap. any.
    scrubbing bubbles as a stain remover. a.mazing. the whole world should know.
    sweet & spicy tea (the one i "tried to kill you" with).
    shrimp rico tacos from el cid, oakhurst.
    oil popped, white popcorn w/ lawry's season salt (i could find all 3 for a total of under $6).
    rust-o-leumn carbonite. addicted to it.
    chocolate malt from the forks.

    okay i'm done.

  24. That is such a fun idea! Love it.

  25. Lemishine is my favorite of all of the favorites. Always.