Feel like making a scrappier, shabbier, vintageier (totally a word) version of the Rainbow Garland?
No rotary cutter required.
Just patience and pretty sheets, lace, trim, fabric, and a pair of scissors.
Lets say that vintage sheets are easy to come by in your hood.
Must be nice.

I however have to import mine because our thrift shops are horrid and crazy overpriced.

My favorite sheet supplier is Jane Says Vintage.
She has an endless supply of the prettiest ones.
(P.S.  They don't smell either.  I'm super creeped out by smells.)
I got a little fat quarter set that was just calling to be ripped up.

If you haven't torn fabric, you are missing out.
It is so fast, and somewhat therapeutic.
All you need to do is cut little notches every inch or so, then tear.
It's the best sound.

 You will be left with lots and lots of long strips.  At this point, some of them might be all stringy.  Take a little time to pull the long and crazy ones off.  You want shabby... but not SHABBY, you know?

Then tie them all together in charming little knots.

I wish I also had a huge stash of vintage lace trim.
I grabbed a few of these from Joann's.
Vintage looking.
Not vintage pricing.
Where is the estate sale where I can buy a trunk of this for $1.00?

 Then take your strips and tie them to a ribbon, twine, even a curtain rod.  No rules here.  Make them as long or as short as you want.  Intersperse the lace for a little texture.  Burlap strips would be fun too.  If it didn't hate my skin and make me all crawly itchy.

 Step back.  Enjoy the pretty.

As the unicorns slide down sunshine rainbows marveling at the beauty of your latest project.


  1. Sooo cute thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful! We don't have good thrift shops here either, so I feel your pain. This would look super cute in my girls' rooms... or maybe mine... Thanks for sharing!

  3. So pretty! Instant happiness.I need to get some vintagey fabrics. I can find NOTHING in Orange County.

  4. Love this. So true about our thrift stores (expensive and no pretty stuff!).

  5. very sweet!
    we just picked up some vintage sheets and pillow cases for a quarter!
    they DID stink, but i'm fixing that. ;)
    my daughter likes to make pillow case dresses and other fun stuff with them.
    i'm gonna have to show her this! :)
    unicorns, rainbows and sparkles! {you always make me giggle}

  6. oh yah! and the ripping is quite therapeutic! :)

  7. Oh my - just go ahead and send that my way.....

  8. Thank you for another winner! I love this.

  9. LOVE this! In fact, I have a bunch (maybe 8 packs) of similar lace trim that I picked up at an estate sale for $0.50. Not sure how "vintage" it is, but the price some of the packages is listed as 42 cents! I would love to send it your way if you could use it for a project. :)

  10. beautiful, as always. and i feel your thrifty pain. we have the same problem in Fresno. I think it's pretty much the whole west coast. maybe we need to organize a trip for poor california girls to shop back east & in the midwest where all the really amazing stuff is ;) although I did find an actual trunk at a garage sale once with antique sewing notions & trims. I'll pray the same for you :)

  11. Just smashing dah-ling...and thanks for the sweet words and the linky.

  12. You are brilliant my dear. I just pinned this and I love how you imported the text description however you did that! Brilliant!! (and saved me typing and thinking what to say) Thanks! Kelly

  13. Yay!!! I'm SO excited to try this!!!! How many pieces of fabric would you recommend to make one set of garland, like you did above? Thanks :)

    1. Hmmmm. Hard to say. I used a ton of scraps and fat quarters. Maybe like 2-3 yards total of assorted fabric with some trim thrown in? Depends on how long and how wide you want the garland cuteness to be.