Happy birthday PinterTest Kitchen!
Just a year ago Jessica threw out the challenge to get us pinning less and doing more.
What good are projects and recipes if you don't make or bake them?

This month, Pinterest was good to me.
Three successes.

First project- cute up some simple tea towels.
I love tea towels.  I love cute tea towels.
I love this project from A Pretty Cool Life.

 I just happened to have all the thread that I needed, and a stack of plain tea towels.

Super easy project.  Super satisfying.  I had my headphones on and listened my way into rainbow happiness.
Hello dishes.  You will be dried by something very cute tonight.

Next up- a yummy treat.
That I cannot stop eating.

This recipe.
It has everything you could need.
Easy.  Salty.  Sweet.  Crunchy.  Chewy.  Caramelly.  Chocolately.  Peanut buttery.
I swapped the mini M&M's for mini Reese's Pieces, because peanut butter makes everything better.  Then I renamed it CRACK.  Because it is, and it is worthy of joining the crack family of treats.
Make it.  No stove.  No oven.  No regrets.

Lastly, a dinner that didn't make anyone cry.
Hear me again- NOBODY cried.  This lack of crying includes a certain three year old who hates bread, chicken, butter, and cheese. She both ate and LIKED something made out of bread, chicken, butter, and cheese.  Momentous.  So momentous.

I needed to douse mine in Frank's Red Hot Sauce, but that is standard.  Everyone WOULD be crying if I even put one tiny drop of it on theirs.  Oh, the drama...

Did you make anything that you pinned lately?
Now is the time to link up.  THERE ARE PRIZES!!!!

Oh, and have you brushed up on your Pinterest manners?
I can totally admit that I am guilty of many an infraction.
Love this gentle nudge from Less Cake More Frosting.
Yes indeed, Pinterest does not make things.  My vocabulary will change.


  1. bring it.
    literally. bring it.

    the crack.
    i neeeeed it.

    move over M&M crack. jkjk crack. ASAP.

    also i wish i had known about this last weekend because no oven no stove pintertesting was up my broken-oven-alley.

    it's okay.
    i'm gonna make it all anyway.
    and then eat it all.

    i need to stop typing now.

  2. not sure i can handle that your child doesn't like cheese or bread.
    is she from this planet?
    i don't think i can handle people who don't like these fine, processed and incredibly addictive substances.
    bring her back to the mat-teo.
    we'll get her addicted.

    more crack.
    just what i need.

    but i may have to hold off on hard core my fitness pal to make and consume said crack.

  3. Yum! Love that reese's pieces crack. All my fave treats in one. Can't wait to have a go with it.
    weight loss programs mn

  4. how cute idea!
    and the chocolates, look very goooood!!

  5. I'm gonna have to try the Reese's Crack.

  6. I LOVE those tea towels! Where do you buy plain tea towels? And I promptly repined the crack recipe into my aptly named "get in my belly" board. My butt can't wait for me to make them. Heehee. Does this mean you are NOT on a sugar fast?

  7. I have some things to say about this but I'll tell you in person. That is all.

  8. I made these turtles from pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/143481938098316452/ my small group loved them, and even my no sugar eating husband had a few. They were quick and easy for this working girl!

  9. Yay for a meal with no crying. It's going on my to do list right away. Thanks friend for the entree, dessert, and super cute clean up option. One stop winner!

  10. Going to the grocery store STAT to make said crack.

  11. Oh I need those towels!! Love them!

  12. Thanks so much for the link to my chicken roll ups!! I'm so glad no one cried, haha!

  13. I echo Katy. So. MUCH. TO. SAY. Let's discuss while we eat, shall we? CANNOT WAIT. Drive safe, friend.

  14. OK....didn't make it but found it on pintrist and tattood it :)

    Also, made this for my kiddos:

    I love pinterest.

  15. Hello! I have a lot of things I pinn and made. I love it!!!! Also you can check this blog we just started with other ladies http://spinupgirls.com

  16. Hello! I have a lot of things I pinn and made. I love it!!!! Also you can check this blog we just started with other ladies http://spinupgirls.com

  17. Super cute towels!

    After your Mumford post, I ran onto this.



  18. i could make AND like those tea towels. think i will.

  19. http://pinterest.com/pin/192810427767207737/

    I have 6 kiddos so I am constantly finding fun ideas(especially diy that save a little money) through pinterest. This is a little diy lace crown I just made my little number 5 for her 3rd birthday. I changed the colors up a bit- I like the happy teal and yellow. It was super easy and inexpensive and she loved it.


  20. Thanks for the link to the pinterest manners post...I've been trying to pin from the source and be more careful about what I comment. A couple of weeks ago, I found a couple of items from my shop with the caption 'This looks SO easy. I could totally make it'. Maybe so, but ouch. Thanks for the link!