So, I'm doing something a year ago I said I would never, ever, ever, ever do again.
Speaking at a conference.
Honestly, I still have straight up PTSD from last year's Blog Sugar.  Not joking.  I sort of panic when even thinking about that day.  It was rough.  I know that God used it, but it was not my favorite.

Sometimes it isn't about you, or about your fears, issues, and drama. 
It's about using your experiences, your journey, your heart, and setting aside the fears, issues, and drama.

When Emmy shared with me her dreams and vision for the Choose Joy Conference, I wept.  I wished there was something like it ten years ago.  When she asked me if I would consider being a speaker, without hesitation, I said yes.

I will be sharing my heart and chatting about infant and pregnancy loss.

Sigh.  I know.  So hard.

If anything the past ten years have taught me, is there is so much joy, hope, and healing in the midst of deep pain.  I feel ill equipped to share, useless to speak, but I am willing to be there.  To try.  To see God show up.  To bring the comfort, wisdom, and encouragement that only he can.

The conference will be a time of happiness, tears, information, support, and growth.
It will be a time of JOY.

So if you, or anyone you know are walking through infertility, loss, or pursuing adoption, I would love to see you there.

Tickets go on sale today, at a special early bird rate.

I will be there.  Unfit, willing, nervous, most likely throwing up, definitely crying.
Using my story in whatever way God would have it.
Because my story isn't mine. It is His story.

Learn more about the Choose Joy Conference and to register click HERE.


  1. He makes beauty from ashes. He shows up when we run out. This will reach so many people. xo

  2. So wish we lived in Cali! We are adopting from China after having 4 biological children. GOd spoke and we answered.

  3. I am planning to be there! I am so excited for this conference and the things I am hoping to learn from it and walk away with. I really think God is going to use it in a mighty way in many women's lives. You will do great!! xoxo

  4. there are a million things I love about you Julie, but one of the most lovely is that the things you touch become beautiful. This is not a well honed skill, it's just your special gift from the Lord, just for you. I know your day at the conference may look messy but to all who attend, your words will be the words our Father will choose for you to say and the salve for their souls. you are a treasure sweet Julie . . . we are praying for you and all who would attend this conference. much love all-ways! HP

  5. girl! praying for your words as you prepare to be a vessel. i know he will use you in a crazy big way, like he did at blog sugar! so grateful for you, wish i was close enough for this, so awesome.


  6. I'm hoping my husband and I will be able to attend since this is something that we are currently going through. We'll all be crying, praying and struggling to keep it together!

  7. so awesome! god will use it and bless it. wish i could hear you speak.

  8. It sounds like you are saying "surviving adoption" when you say "surviving infertility and adoption". We were blessed with our incredible daughter through the selfless gift of adoption, and I always advocate for adoption to be presented in a positive light. I would hate for anyone to think that you really mean "surviving" adoption when it is the most beautiful gift of all. Maybe this invitation could read "surviving infertility and celebrating adoption"? Hope this comes across as in the positive and friendly way I intend (print is tough medium to gauge tone).

  9. Friend... this is amazing! So proud of you. Way easier to say no but way cooler to say yes. God is going to use you mightily. The enemy is going to be trying to shut down this business big time, an abundance of prayers are going before you and the other speakers.

  10. I first read this and said YES! I had to make a deliberate choice to "choose joy" after Nate died and it took us 3 years to get pregnant again. But...then I saw that it was at Crossline and my heart said a resounding NO..... You see, our church was under construction when Nate died so we did his funeral at Crossline (then Lake HIlls). It would be really hard for me to walk through those doors without envisioning his little casket sitting on the stage and all of the other emotions of that day. UGH! I will definitely pray about this one. I'm sure that God has a lesson in there for me...just hope that I can rise above the pain to learn it.