I burn myself all the time.
Hot glue gun.
Flat iron.
Curling iron.

All the time.  I am a dangerous baker/ crafter/ hair tamer.

A little A.D.D., a little clumsiness, a little to much multitasking (I am horrible at multitasking.)
It's so bad.  Mostly though its those little annoying burns.  Nothing major.  I can think of only a few times where they have been major.
The kind of major that makes you stand by the sink with your hand in a bowl of cool water for hours.  The kind that you can't even fathom taking you hand out of that bowl of cool water for a second to go to the bathroom, or eat, or sleep, or anything.

The kind that I just got last week when I grabbed a cookie sheet, fresh out of the oven, with my whole bare hand.  The same cookie sheet that I just took out of the oven with a potholder, not one minute before.  (I hate when I am lazy and store things in the oven instead of putting them away.  I especially hate it now, because that offending cookie sheet was stealthily preheating, while I was stirring, and looked all cold and innocent when it was sitting all lava like on the counter.)

The kind that tethered me to the sink while my children ran loose and needed things.  Like food, naps and diaper changes.  The kind that made me want to throw up.  The kind that I knew would keep me from sleeping, or doing anything buy whining and crying about how much pain I was in.

I was desperate.  I couldn't even imagine taking my hand out of the bowl of water to go to the pharmacy or the doctor.  The thought of having to leave the house, much less buckle carseats and touch the steering wheel was too much.  I had to make do with what was in the house.
Not much was in the house.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remember reading someplace how the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin is good for cuts, scrapes, and burns.
I had a little tube of it leftover from the hospital when I had Shane.
(Thank you hospital sample.  Thank you.)

I found it, slathered my hand with it, covered it with a sock, took Advil, curled up on the couch, still wanting to throw up or cry, and waited to see if it would work.

It did.  Beyond.  Within an hour the pain was manageable.  By the morning, what should have been a hand covered in angry blisters, was only a little angry.  It still hurts, but nothing like it should.

Thank you little sheep for your magical lanolin.  You now have a permanent place in our first aid kit.  I'm sure I will be seeing it again soon.


  1. SO. SORRY. about your hand!! no fun. i still have a nasty scar on my forearm from burning it on the oven last spring when i was pulling cupcakes out...on Finley's birthday....with a yard full of 1st graders...not awesome. but yay for Lanolin! I'm pretty sure I still have some in the cabinet. thanks for the tip! sorry you had to suffer for it. :/

  2. Hmmm... I wonder if I have any of that left? Good tip! :) We have an aloe plant that lives in the bathroom (I don't even know why it's in there.. but it thrives there). So we've always at least got aloe on hand. :)

  3. what a great tip! i had no idea... : ) Thanks for sharing

  4. Oh gosh, that sounds awful! Thanks so much for the tip...I'll be sure to pick some up when I go to the store again.

  5. Lansinoh has been a miracle worker for so many things I never would have imagines. When my kids get rashes of any sort it heals them within 24 hours. When my nose is cracked because of the dry and cold weather I put a little Lansinoh and it heals it. We love it! Thanks for sharing yet another use.

  6. A great help for immediate relief on a burn is to put a tea bag on top of where you burned and run cold water over it. The tannins in the tea soothe the skin and cool the burn. Putting any kind of ointment or lotion or the old wives tale of butter on a burn right after you burned it is not advised because you trap the heat and "cook" your skin. You could turn a 1st degree burn into a 3rd degree burn by doing that. After the skin has been cooled with cold water(but probably still stings) then oinment, Lanisoh, etc. is ok.

  7. instead of chapstick we use it on our lips during the winter... especially at night. all natural without the waxy buildup! my hubby will ask where the chapstick is and i will send him to the bathroom for "the purple tube" he will always say "but this says it's for... are you sure this is what you use?" great stuff that lansinoh!

  8. oh man that happened to me only it was a pot of boiling water... glad you found something that made the pain manageable!!!

  9. I will keep this is mind. I'm so glad that you thought to use it Julie. Your hand could've been so badly scarred. Hugs xo

  10. Dude, that SUCKS!!! I'm sorry... a burn is the worst. I do it all the time and have a gnarly one that is still healing from March of this year (the scar anyway). I just use neosporin pain relief and the pain is instantly gone. Worth a shot just in case! Heal fast!!!

  11. Sorry this happened, Julie, but I'm glad you're okay now. I burn myself all the time and one trick that works for minor, less serious, but still painful burns is to cover the burn with yellow mustard for about five minutes ( longer if it's still stinging). The mustard takes the pain away. :-) you just have to be careful not to stain anything yellow while you wait! :-)

  12. OH MY!!! OUCH!! So sorry!! Glad the Lanisnoh worked!!

    Regular ole yellow mustard works wonders on burns as well. My mom got popped by pear preserves (you know how lava hot boiling sugar gets!) & she put yellow mustard on it & within minutes it was feeling better & I don't think it ever blistered. I've used it on every burn since.

  13. Honestly, if that stuff can make breastfeeding bearable, I believe it can do anything. Whe nI had my first baby, the hospital introduced me to it and it saved two of my body parts. I had no idea bf would hurt! So glad your hand is better! I am renaming Lanisinoh to Golden.


  14. i'm a first aid whore. please go easy on the recommendations.

    but i hope your hand is doing better! keep the ibu coming. nurse's orders.

  15. I feel compelled to let you know, you are not alone in your burning habit. I, too, have been tied to my sink while my children feel free to roam about the cabin:/. Also, I've experienced the possible threat of throw up or fainting, just at the thought of looking at what I've done to myself. I am still sporting my most recent (and by recent, yes it means I've used this particular tool more than once to burn myself) flat iron scars on my arm. Because apparently it's waaaay easier than you think to attack your forearm with that pinching device. My husband just shakes his head. I tell him it's hereditary. So. Thank you. From the bottom of my burning heart. You are my friend forever.

  16. This is me right now. Bought some at cvs. Giving it am hour. And then I will be thankful for you and this post.

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