This summer was crazy, and hard, and wonderful, and scary, and beautiful, and tough.
Lots of saying no to things.  Skipping camp, movies, going out to eat.  Spending nights walking and on adventures as a family instead of spending money.
Spending days in the pool.
Lots of trips to the airport.  Lots of goodbyes.  Lots of hellos.
Lots of drama.  Lots of laughter.
So much prayer.
Anticipation for the last week of summer, which was certain to be the best week of summer.
The week where all of the saying no, the saving, the tough choices, would culminate in a week together.  Away.  At our most favorite place in the world.

 {Print from the rad Katygirl Designs}

Driving into the Yosemite Valley, we were listening to this song.

Chills and weeping.
Thankful for the Creator of the universe.
For His creativity.
For His great love.
For my little family.
For our time together.

Undone and unworthy of all that He has given me.
Thankful for both the peaks and the valleys in my life.
Astonished at the beauty in both.


  1. truth is beautiful.
    sharing the low and the deep and the why's as well as the high and the light and the soaring is valuable and life changing.
    Share on friend.

  2. beautiful & lovely snapshots of your sweet family. thank you for sharing peeks into your peaks & valleys :)

  3. I love all these pics, Julie! I am so glad you guys had the opportunity to get away. Miss yoooooou!

  4. I love the pictures of your beautiful family on vacation. Who sings the song Beautiful - I LOVE IT!!!!

  5. Only great God makes beauty out of both.

    My fave pic is the one of the posse under The Forks sign:)

    Thanks for the incredible worship song! That I now have on repeat.....

  6. thank you. you're the best.

    also, when i went to your blog, there was an ad for justin bieber's mom's book. this is not coincidence.

  7. We were there twice this summer, love bass lake cant wait to go back. Omg the ride from the lake to yosemite valley is crazy. Have u ever been in the winter time??

  8. i love everything about this. thank you.

  9. bass lake, such a catch. was there three weeks ago, and am headed there tomorrow. the forks? so freaking cute. kayaking around that lake is something i think i'll be making a tradition for the rest of my years. love that you guys got to get away and do life as a family, in a beautiful place hand-crafted by the Creator.

  10. I loved your last week of summer, too. And I love that song. And that printable. And I can't wait to love Bass Lake. For dayssssss.

  11. Great post. Beautiful words, pics and music. Thanks for sharing it all with us!

  12. wow, that was a beautiful song! thanks so much for sharing..
    never i've got to find it and load it up on my phone.
    lovely lovely pictures. i bet all the sacrifice and saving and saying no 'things' was totally worth it :)