Bunting sewing,

 Disneyland napping,

 Drew shooting,
(FREAKING OUT!!!!!!!!!)

 sweaty boy holding,

 Neverland chatting,

 dramatic crying,

 cupcake eating,
(thanks Kelly!!!!)

 spray painting,

Pinterest partying,
(thanks Kara Noel!!!!)

 enchilada eating,

 Sith attacking,

 fourth kid snacking,

 face punching,
(thanks Emmy!!!!!)

 spicy chickening,

 moon sand making,
(I hate it's guts!!!!!)

cinnamon roll resisting,

I cannot believe it is August and I am totally depressed how fast summer is disappearing,

How was yours?

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  1. Those enchiladas look awesome. What is in the sauce?

  2. Your summer is almost over and I feel for you, I love sunshine and everything summer brings with it. Our summer is just around the corner, today we have sunshine and 15 degrees celcius, yah, come on summer.

  3. I know the feeling when your child is sitting on the floor crying. My girl is 2 and some days that's all she does.

  4. can't believe you made moon sand. isn't it widely known as the worst substance ever? you're braver than i, my friend. and this list is an awesome collection of shane shots.

  5. That moon dough is seriously stressing me out. Wish I could have chatted with you more at KN's. I was in mood. Story of my life :)

  6. I am so missing the Dland right now. Finally let our passes expire in December because they were so ridiculously expensive! AY. Sadness, tears, depression...every time I drive past it. Hey look, there's the Matterhorn that we can't ride. And I'm pretty sure we can smell the churros from Dana Point... or maybe that's just me.

    Cute kids :)

    Nook & Sea