How are you?  I have had a lovely, full, happy, nonstop few days.
A sweet baby mermaid turned one, a beautiful couple said their vows, a darling niece was celebrated over lunch at American Girl, Crumbs cupcakes were consumed, our family woke up before the sunrise to visit Cars Land for the very first time, the big girls filled up their marble jars and are on a date with their dad.

It's all just too great.
I am so overwhelmed with joy and thanksgiving.

With that I bring you some entertainment...

New Mumford & Sons.
Yes please.

Because I love me a good mockery of Twilight...
because it just deserves a good mocking.


  1. i feel like this might be the first mumford song i actually LOVE.
    it's a breakthrough.

  2. I love Will Ferrell. He always, always makes me laugh. I am one of the five people in the US who has neither read nor watched any of the Twilight stuff, on purpose even. And "Trampire"?!? Too funny! Thanks for giving me a great laugh!

  3. trampire.....poor k. stew and r. patts....lol

  4. Oh, how I love Will Ferrell. That was perfect - thank you for sharing!

  5. And YES M&S's we HAVE been waiting for your new record. Can't wait!!

  6. Will Ferrell annoys me to death I think he is such an over actor.. lol Sorry had to share .. The movie Elf makes me want to scream.. OK over sharing here lol
    Blessings, Gweny
    The song is pretty cool though.. kudos on that one :)

  7. i've not watched or read twilight, but i'm guessing "trampires" are the worst.
    thanks for the laugh "j.car"

  8. Everyone could use a little Mumford and Sons in their life.. I LOVE IT.

    Happy BELATED Birthday to your little dude. You're truly blessed.

    Thanks for all the tips on Early Admission to CALIF ADV. It was so worth it. We loved every minute of it!!

  9. this may be one of my favorite blog posts to date. ever.

    mumford: win

    making fun of twilight: win

    thanks for being so awesome with your taste in music, movies, and comedians.