My girls got to adventure in the warm setting sun, modeling dresses for dear friend Angi and her mama Patti, for their rad shop, Sew Sweet Patterns.
Multiple wardrobe changes were involved.   Multiple lollipops were consumed.
It really doesn't get cuter than little girls in dreamy handmade dresses.
It doesn't.

(The Stella dress.  Lucy is obsessed.)

Later that week, Leslie and I ventured down to a golden field, (apparently full of rattlesnakes, of which I have NO ISSUES WITH...) all fancy and modelish, to be a part of the awesome that is Allora Handmade.

Wardrobe changes in the minivan were involved.  Who needs lollipops when there are rosies involved?
Oh the rosies.  The lovely rosies.
I charming string of rainbow rosies stole my heart.  They had to come home with me.  There was really no choice.
(snapped by the hawt, super modely, Jacqui of Baby Boy Bakery)

 (Leslie being really, really, really, ridiculously, good looking, 
in front of the camera of Nina from Blackbird Ink.)

 (Me.  Being a dork.  Snapped by Leslie.  This blue is my total color crush right now.)

As good as guys have it in life, it's pretty fun once in a while to be a girl!


  1. I have been loving these pictures all over blogland :) SOOOOO fun! Ok, and now I must know- where did you get the darling blue shirt?????- LOVE it!!! The polka dot cardi makes it perfect :)

    1. Target. They have an adorable black one too with little white bows that I wanted BADLY, but they didn't have my size...

  2. How fun! Gorgeous pictures!! :)

  3. I want your polka dot cardigan! Where did you get it? Please don't say you've had it forever and can't remember :)

    1. Old Navy! A few weeks ago. Go... every girl needs at least one polka dot cardi.

    2. Aha! I will have to do a drive by this week!