It's been a million years since I've actually followed through with a Ten on Ten.
For some crazy reason I decided that today was the day to jump back in.

Here you go...
 8 a.m.
Hello grinder.  I love you.

9 a.m.
 Pink quilt. Pink legos.  I know.

10 a.m.
Beach towel laundry is my favorite laundry.

11 a.m. 
She calls them orange fish.  I do not correct her.

Practicing for the school musical.  Oh, the drama and animation.

1 p.m.
Every time the Lakers win on the road Wingstop gives away free wings.
They have been winning on the road a lot.
I have been eating a lot of hot wings.

 2 p.m.
I told the girls we were going on an adventure with Auntie Drew.  
They got dressed.  In petti and poodle skirts.  
They packed essentials.  Books and a tambourine.
Completely appropriate adventure gear.
Did I mention we had to climb through barbed wire?
Ya.  In pettiskirts.  That was easy.

 3 p.m.
A little rest was in order.  A reading rest of course.  Don't let this charming scene fool you.  Minutes later we had not one, but two rattlesnake encounters.  The latter of which almost MURDERED me.  Drew pulled me, and Shane in the Ergo, away from a beastly fanged, ready to attack rattler, one inch from my foot.  We all need therapy.  And a new adventure trail.

  4 p.m. 
A decompression session was needed on the grass, under a shade tree, far from the murdery trail.
He might have PTSD after I screamed and jumped like a girl.  
A girl who almost got murdered by a demon snake.

5 p.m.
But at dinner his biggest sister made everything better.

That was our day.  Nothing is ever boring around here.

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  1. I am so glad you survived:) the world wouldn't be the same without you, and what a tragic way to go. Those snakes demons scare the heck outta me for reals, glad its never boring, who would want a boring life:)

  2. i think picfx was MADE for you.
    love all that light confetti baby!
    it just screams pink and rainbows and lollipops and julie!
    plus those frames!
    sorry for going on and on but it is just so YOU.

  3. ps. rattlesnakes are SO scary!

  4. Love the pictures..And I loved all of the murdery snake comments on Instagram.

    But technically, murder is killing at the hands of another....snakes don't have hands...just sayin'

  5. Murderous rattle snakes. yuck!! Go away!

  6. Oh, this post is so cute! And a little bit funny (except for the snake episode, of course!)

    I LOVE this idea.


  7. I'm so glad you were not murdered.
    Who knew snakes were attracted to petti and poodle skirts?

  8. this is why i don't hike... glad you weren't murdered!

  9. those big sister finger nails at the end would cheer anyone up! Love the adventure, minus the snakes.

  10. oh, thank the LORD you were saved form the awful fate of rattle snakes!
    He knows we still need you down here. :)
    your pics are adorbs as usual!
    have a happy, rattlesnake FREE day!

  11. I just read this to Dave and he said: "Her pictures are amazing but what the ish is she doing?!" He has severe snakeaphobia. Which I know has a technical term but I was up too late with Mat. And I do not have Mataphobia. Goodbye.

  12. I love your pictures. Thank you for letting us in to see your day. Your family is just gorgeous! I had to chuckle at the screamed and jumped like a girl. :) I am glad you are safe.

  13. Sorry for grabbing your arm so hard, Shane! I hope I didn't leave a bruise, but I think you would have been really, really sad if your mom got murdered by the rattler.

  14. I hike all the time with my 4 little kids (3 boys and a girl 8 and under) and we've only seen a baby rattler and he was quite a ways away.
    If one was close enough for me to see his fangs, I might poop my pants.
    I am not kidding.
    But I have to say, the pics you captured are awesome.
    Love from,

  15. Ahhhh, I'm glad you weren't murdered by the demon snake! I would have freaked too.
    Gorgeous photos.
    Looks like a fantastic day.
    I especially like the drama practice, she looks SO INTO IT!

  16. Two rattlesnakes?! That just made my stomach hurt, I have a major, MAJOR like super unhealthy fear of snakes. Ugh.