Hello resurrection rolls.

Hello baby egg hunt.

Hello spring festival.  You were crazy.  And hot.

Hello edible.

Hello three churches coming together to celebrate one God.

 Hello shade break.

Hello white dresses.  

Hello big kids.  Hello tradition.

Hello little friends.

Hello handsome.

Hello sisters.

Hello please smile for just one more picture.

Hello candy bandit.

Hello first Easter.

Hello twinnies.

 Hello ice cream man.

{Say hello with the lovely Lisa Leonard.}


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos of such a beautiful family!!

  2. Love their Easter outfits! It looks like you had an amazing day!

  3. I love your hello posts. The Easter outfits are precious.

  4. Your blog just makes my day. Loving all of your posts lately. :)

  5. beauties, every one. including mama :)

  6. What an absolutely perfect Easter! Love your happy babies in their finest. Cute as can be!

  7. oh, i just love your pictures every time!
    your kids are so beautiful, and so are you. :)

  8. Your kiddos are scrumptious!! Looove their outfits. :) Happy Easter to you, albeit a little late!

  9. Pretty much love these. And I missed out on Easter services completely (minus Good Friday's) because of work on Sundays. Bummer man! I heard Easter In The Park was awesome! The kids are so beautiful and healthy. Couldn't ask for more! Love you guys.

    Nook & Sea

  10. um...are those YOUR kids eating popsicles in white dresses?!
    who are you and where have you taken my friend julie?!!!
    i will send you some ketchup and bananas this week! in a clown covered gift box.
    ha ha ha haaaaaaa

    your kids looked adorable! i miss my littles.
    but on a positive note...they ALL desired to look nice this easter....even my boys. and needed no help from me. so that was pretty cool.

  11. Why are your kids SO stinking cute?? Dying!!

    And I just bought that hat for my cousin's little boy :)