A sad, sick, teething, and furious baby woke me up in the dark, rainy, middle of the night.  
He didn't let me fall back asleep.

Lots of doctored up French press coffee, lots of movies for the sisters, lots of wishing I was napping.  
Or mostly wishing he was napping.

It's super hard to be a baby.
It's even harder to be a grown up.

Spring break take me away.
Stop raining while you are at it.



  1. Oh baby, be well and may the sunshine peek out a bit for the Carson's. xox

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  3. I hope he feels better soon. Your such a wonderful mother. :)



  4. sooooo sorry! I feel your pain. no teething baby here, but it's rainy and I was up most of the night sick and coughy. fun times.

  5. Awww...hope he is feeling better soon! I showed my 5 year old daughter the picture of your little cutie, and she says, "Hey, we gave him that outfit." I don't know where she ever got that thought from!! :)

  6. The week started off beautiful!
    Poor baby :(

  7. Oh my gosh!
    Total assvice coming.

    One of my boys is getting big kid teeth and has been chewing on everything and not sleeping great. He was a notoriously bad teether when he was a baby (no sleep for me then). My friend had a teething necklace for her son and I thought it was a load of unscientific crap but I asked her (politely) about it.

    Then she sent one to my Alex and HE HAS STOPPED chewing on everything. Apparently the stones are made of amber, which is a resin that absorbs into the body when it warms. He is like a different kid with that hippie necklace!

    But the sick part, no assvice there. Sick babies are the saddest things ever.

  8. I feel your pain. have you thought about trying the teething necklaces? They have ones that make the boys look like super cute surfer boys...my little lady has had one on since her last two broke thru and these new two don't seem to be as bad. coincidence? possibly. but anything that helps right?! good luck lady. hope the sleep fairy hits your house tonight!!

  9. I could just eat him up! Those boy lashes! OMG!

    Ellie is teething right now too. When all else fails, a washcloth with a tiny dab of whiskey wrapped around a small ice cube does the trick for my kiddos every time!

  10. oh no poor handsome prince! Hope things get back to normal soon! xoxo

  11. Poor baby. :( I actually had what sounds like the exact same kinda night with our lil Mateo..fighting a bug..and molars coming in. :( Hope they both feel better soon and we get some zzzz's ourselves.

  12. What a precious picture. Hope he is feeling better. He is so cute!

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