For the longest time I have been trying to think of one thing, anything, that as girls, we have better than guys.
Because lets be honest... guys have it good.
Really good.

But they don't know how to throw parties.
Happy, girlie parties.
Best friends.
Gorgeous home.
Delicious food.
Happy favors.
A private concert.

Dudes have nothing on us.
It's not so bad to be a girl after all.

Brunch for our mamas.
Held at the home of (needs a blog) Richelle.
Hosted by my Aqua Apron Sisters.
Recipes can be found here.
Coconut cake in a jar favors by Kindyl (who will take over the world with her cupcakes one day.)
Music by Chasing Paris (I am so proud of those girls.)


  1. What's in the jars???? My taste buds would love to know!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! Drooling over all that deliciousness!

  3. I hate to tell you this, but not all girls throw fab parties like that. I really don't have the entertainment gene. Dang! I'm still searching for the one thing...

  4. So pretty! Painted mason jar color is lovely and those cakes in a jar (such a great idea).

  5. Agh! I would totally pay to attend one of your parties! Love!

  6. I made the puffs for quilt guild tonight! BIG HIT!!!
    thank you

  7. can you ask needs a blog richelle if i can have her wall sconces? i need them. thanks. also, girls with guitars are awesome. always.

  8. So fun, being a girlie girl! I want to eat whatever it is in the jar and I want to look that cute singing!

  9. great job!!! happy pictures. i want the ruffled cake plates. and all the mercury glass. loverly.

  10. Mercury glass and aqua ruffled cake plates? Yes please!!!

  11. How beautiful! I just wanted you to know I made those AMAZING puffs for our Mother's Day brunch. THE. MOST. DELICIOUS. THING. EVER! My husband has already requested them for his birthday next week :)

  12. Look at that set up! It makes me hungry and relaxed all at once!

  13. Last night I tried your recipe for the mini tarts. They were so easy!! I added vanilla to the filling, and I liked the taste of it. I brought the tarts to work today, and my coworkers are all raving about them. I am directing them to your blog for the recipe, and I wrote about them in my blog as well- here:
    Thanks for sharing this great recipe!!!

  14. I read your blog all the time, it's one of my favorites... Your beautiful necklaces inspired me to start something... it's called Believer Bling... I have a group under face book, and have mentioned it on my blog. Thanks for your inspiration, your bright colors, your bright personality. I look forward to your posts! :)
    Here's the link to my blog that talks about "Believer Bling". Take care & God Bless!

  15. Whats in the jars and please share the recipe?

  16. Wow you know how to throw a party...