Happy Friday friends.
How was your week?
Things were quiet and crazy and lazy and busy all at once over here.
Here are some highlights of the week's adventures via Instagram.

A stick of butter and a cup of brown sugar.
Are there two lovelier ingredients?
This happy pan was the beginning of Whatever's Baked French Toast.   Make it now.  Right now.

This ain't your grandma's venti cold cup.
It is the mythical TRENTA (which should not even exist in stores yet).
More elusive than an sparkly aqua polka dotted unicorn, yet the mister went on a seemingly impossible quest and surprised me for mother's day.
I am one happy lady.

All I wanted for mother's day dinner was a peace.  Hauling the littles to a busy restaurant does not fall in to that category.  However, add curbside pickup of yummy food to a picnic at a park and I got just what I needed.

I like being their mom.
A lot a lot a lot.

A destination wedding?
In my second favorite state?
I can't stinking wait!!!

 For the first time, my desk is safe from icy water rings thanks to my adorable new rug mug from Knitty Bitties.  Sooooooo perfect.

Yogurt date.
Happy kids.

Trying to find a color for the UPS truck has proven to be more difficult than I ever imagined.  Thank goodness for the little trial size paints!  Five of them so far...  But I don't think I'm settled on one yet.  Soon, maybe.  But then there is the pesky having to paint part.

I ditched the laundry and household chores to snuggle into a comfortable chair and devour this Summer magazine. Dreamy.
I was inspired each and every page.  It's more like a book than a magazine and will not be seeing my recycle bin anytime soon.  Or ever.

There are some places that I don't mind taking my kids to birthday parties at.
Then there is this place...

I do have one mason jar that has escaped the spray paint can.  Cinnamon sugar is a staple in this house.  This jar makes quite a few appearances, and makes each day a little sweeter.

Here's to a happy weekend...
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  1. You're coming to my home state!! I'm going to a wedding next weekend and kinda hoping it is the same one :)

    You should totally have a paint party at your home. Enlist the help of your church youth group and give them pizza. They'll do it for sure! When you have a large group working on it, painting can actually be fun!

    Love your posts; thanks for sharing!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Love it!
    SO happy your week was filled with so much great stuff.

    Now about the brown sugar + butter ... have you tried the sweet chex mix?!?! You MUST ... it'll be your summer staple, trust me. And it kinda makes you think it's healthy because it has almonds and craisins, bwahahaha!!

    Happy Weekend! :D

  3. I soo look forward to these Friday photos, always super fun and creative. I do declare that this weekend I will spray paint some mason jars and make something to put up in this house that reminds me it is NBD! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I just bought some mason jars at the local goodwill ... Gonna spray paint the heck out of them and think of you the whole time :)) !

  5. ooh must have husband get me trenta cold cup for my birthday, hes a sbux manager so he better be able to ;)

  6. Love looking at your pics and your sweet life! I need to remember to start linking up on Fridays!

  7. I'm thinking that the baked french toast is so happening in this casa this weekend. So what if my dieting has resulted in one last pound this week. I think it is worth it. Love the pic with your girlies. Too cute!

  8. What program do you use to get your pictures to look old school and retro?

  9. all around happy week for you! so fun to see it all in pics

  10. This is such a fun post, with lots of great pictures!

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  12. i want to make that french toast bake by myself. for myself. now. and i'm not loving the trenta creepachino discrimination one single bit. so rude.

  13. I love these posts that you do. How fun that you go to have a nice meal with your favorite people. I love that coaster for your drink...I bought a few too and love them.

  14. That recipe looks delicious. I just found this: http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/05/creme-brulee-french-toasts/ the other day and now I am so inspired to get BAKING my french toast! Brilliance. No more soggy middles.

  15. we like to have a different family from our church over once a month. it is always hard to coordinate schedules during the week so we have discovered the joy of having folks over for breakfast. baked french toast along with an egg casserole and fruit are easy recipes to make the day before. we just had this today as another couple joined us for breakfast. a yummy way (although not healthy, but that's what the extra fruit is for) to start the day!

  16. New to your blog.. and Im now adding it to my favorites :)
    Sounds like you had a wonderful Friday! Loved looking at your pictures! :)

  17. we used to hate Chuck E Cheese too or "the Rat" as we call it, but now when we take our kids we go when it opens on a week day like at 9:30am and there is like no one there and the food is super fresh outta the oven. I still like pizza for breakfast, I'm healthy like that:)

  18. I totally emailed you a few days ago:)

    need more Mr. Matthews cds? i gots more!