Que dramatico, no?

But really, truly, maybe it is foolish pinning, maybe it is user error, maybe it is a whole bunch of different things...

Sadly, there have been some MAJOR Pinterest fails up in this house.

My new motto is:

Never judge a recipe by it's pretty pictures.

Herein lies the problem:
Yummy recipes with ugly photos will most likely not get pinned.

Yucky recipes with lovely photos will get pinned and repinned over and over.
But when someone tries it, it fails them, they go so far as to unpin it, the other repins stay.
The yucky/ pretty recipe crouches, waiting to make kids cry, husbands sad, and potluck dish bringers embarrassed.

What is a girl who loves pretty pictures AND yummy food to do?

I'm not all for leaving comments below the fails.  It's just not my thing.  Maybe it is a great recipe.  Maybe I just have weird tastes.  Maybe I made a fatal error while preparing it.

However, I am for all for having a board specifically reserved for Pinterest successes.
Will you join me?
Save the world from pretty/ yucky food?

Although it's pretty funny when your kid says "maybe you should unpin this, mom."

I love how Jessica from Keeping up with the Johnson's hosts a Pinterest Test Kitchen linky, where you can share your fails or successes.  I'm thinking that Mississippi Sin is on the menu stat.  Yummmmmm.

P.S.  While in the throes of a sugar fast, logging into Pinterest is TOTAL TORTURE.
I have to avert my eyes.


  1. I totally and completely agree! In fact, ALL the recipes I have found on Pinterest have not been great. They are so-so or total fails but none have been stellar. I do not use any recipes from there anymore. I need the 5 star system for quality control! :)

  2. I just left you an awesome comment and Blogger ate it.

    It was something like - it's not just recipes that are fails. Some of the crafts are fails also. Super huge crappy failures with my precious time so I've stopped going to Pinterest.

    I already have a board of projects and recipes I've completed with my comments:


  3. Your first picture totally cracked me up! I have been there so many times! Thanks for the giggle!

    Take care! Trish @ Uncommon

  4. Agreed! I have a board for the things I've tried, good and bad. If it's something we didn't like or didn't turn out, I don't bash it but leave honest feedback.
    I also agree with the above commenter who said they need the 5-star system for quality control. AllRecipes is still my go-to recipe site!

  5. Oh, that is so funny! I haven't yet had one I didn't like, but they NEVER look as pretty as the photo on Pinterest!


  6. I have started blogging my trial through pinterest. Thought I should stop collecting and start trying. Hoping I find more successes that failures.

  7. Hahaha! I've been lucky to have just one fail so far, some gross jam and angel food cake mix thing. One win was def the ham sliders. SO good!

    Better luck next time!

  8. I totally agree! I have had more fails than I care to have eaten on Pinterest. Seriously... ew. I'll definitely be checking out your success board!

  9. I have made some Pinterest flops too, boo... But, I do unpin them and I have had some great Pinterest successes... Hooray...

  10. luckily i don't do pinterest so i guess i am not failing! skinny taste has some fantastic recipes... and no that is not my blog. my favorite recipes of all time come from church cookbooks. tried and true recipes, not in test kitchens, made by regular people.

  11. Julie,
    We are on the same wave length! I just started a pin page with my recipes successes yesterday! The bad ones I just update and say it is yucky...why unpin? Let the world know not to waste their time...right?

  12. I have "actually tried and liked..." boards and note any changes I made. If something doesn't work, I delete the pin. I don't trust my memory these days!

  13. What a great idea.
    I am going to start a board of things I have tried, too.
    And I love Jess's pintertest kitchen...when I remember to participate it's so fun!

  14. i've been pretty lucky in this area. out of the three recipes i've tried from pinterest, two were...AMAZING...and one was a fail.

    i think your board is a great idea!

  15. I am so with you! We have had so many yucky pinterest meals lately that when I serve a new recipe hubby will ask "is this from pinterest?" before taking a bite. Guess he needs to prep the taste buds.

  16. Love the kid quote!! "you need to unpin this!" So funny.

  17. I agree! I have found a few that were good recipes, so I wasn't really considering that there would be really bad ones out there...so on a day we were going to be out, I set up the crockpot with a new interest recipe. Boy was that a mistake! We came home to the grossest mess my cockpit has ever had the misfortune of cooking - it was so bad nobody would eat it! We ordered pizza and threw it out! That is the only time I have ever thrown out a meal! Ugh, I was so mad! Waste of food, waste of time and energy! I do like when people post a comment when they see the repin that it was gross. That is helpful. I also comment when I have made on and it was good.

  18. I laugh every time I look at that picture. And tonight I needed a really good laugh. Thank you even though it resulted from your disappointment! So, what was the super gross recipe???

  19. I made enchiladas, soft sugar cookies and queso with recipes from pinterest and they were all delicious!

  20. Don't I know it. I've had a few bombs even with comments that people have made the recipes. I guess it's a matter of taste too and what kind of food they're used to eating.

  21. So true! I've unpinned things before that I didn't love after making them. And you've inspired me to create a Made It, Loved It board. The photos totally suck me in. I do always read the comments in the original blog post to look for any extra pointers and warnings.

  22. I agree completely I have found my pinterest food success to be 50/50 I delete the fails and repin the successes to "recipes I've tried and will make again". Some of these I make notes on things I want to try differently and then the next go around if I still think they are only ok they are deleted as well. I will say my friend through me a baby shower yesterday and she tried 3 new recipes from pinterest and they were delish. So it really just depends.

  23. i made a pillow pinned from pinterest whose instructions stated it would take 30 min. it took 330 minutes plus another 330 minutes. pinterest is the devil.
    my husband is currently making another pinteresting thing i had pinned.

  24. Love it! I split my recipes into "want to try" and "tried and loved" so that bad ones are getting pulled from the boards! I did this about 6 weeks ago and loved that so many of my friends joined in.

    Glad you are too!

    Changing pinterest one pinner at a time :)

  25. Hi I just found your blog... It's beautiful! I was reading Joy's Story we just gave birth to our stillborn son 1-24-12. Thanks for sharing your story, it helps so much to read what others have walked through. Love the palm trees and snow we are also in southern Ca. It still amazes me how amazing it is on a clear day.

  26. i have done the same thing. a
    Pins I Actually Used" board. 1- to show myself that Pinterest isn't just for oogling and 2. It is there where I announce it's failure or success.

    great idea.

  27. Thanks for the Mississippi Sin shout-out! It's for sure a keeper!!