It's been a while since I have been able to cull together my weeks via Instagram.  It is almost to the point of becoming flashback Friday instead.  So instead of starting where I left off, I am jumping right back in with where we are right now.  Hopefully I will catch up.  Or not...

 New Warby Parker's in the house.
So good for those of us with no vision insurance.  
Plus they give a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair purchased.  Can't argue with that.

100 yummy days of school.

Professional catnapper.
He can sleep anywhere. 
For 18 short minutes.


Big things are happening in the land of the Supertones.
New website, which is pretty rad if I may say.
Huge big new things.
Stay tuned 3.9.12

The catnapper is also a little viper.
Attacking anything he can get his tiny quick hands on.
Coffee drinking is super tricky these days.
Coffee drinking is super NECESSARY these days.

 Thank you Cat in the Hat for crazy hat day.
Thank you Little Bird for your crazy cute hats.

What seems like yesterday, but was actually years ago, Halley was a flower girl in our dear friend's wedding.  Now her little flower girl shoes fit her littlest sister.  Sigh...

She is sunshine.  All the time.
These faces?  Excitement over beans.  Yep.  Black beans. 
NO RICE.  Not a grain.  Don't you dare.
But give her beans, you will get sunshine.
What is it with my kids and beans?

Palm trees and snow.
That's just life down in Southern California.

Caught in the act.
Eighteen minutes.

The American Girl catalog is a great learning tool.
As in, imagine how fun it is trying to explain that this tent that fits TWO DOLLS, costs more than our actual tent that fits SIX HUMANS.
*For full disclosure, our human tent was purchased via Craigslist and smells like wet dogs and fifty gallons of Febreze.  Which is a story for another day.
**Speaking of Febreze... those commercials where they put blindfolded people in super gross "good smelling" rooms??? They creep me out and make me not want to buy Febreze, just for the sheer trauma that the poor people had to endure when they took off their blindfolds.  Ewwwww times ewwww times a million.

In a mood.
Maybe because of ALL THE CATNAPPING!!!!

This season has felt like an unrelenting attack of the tiny ugly germs.
It's been hard.
But we carry on.
One flu/cold/flu/cold/flu at a time.

Surefire way to keep my sweets-free Lent season going strong, and fulfill my need to stress bake when it is yet another pets heads are falling off sort of day (week.  month.)?
Neon food coloring.
Temptation level zero for this food coloring hating girl.

Take three.
Eighteen minutes.

My kids are drama and won't drink anything bubbly, which throws any hope of fighting the tiny ugly germs with Emergen-c out the window.  That was, until Jess, the genius, showed me that they can go straight into smoothies.  HELLO???  Why did that never occur to me?  Smoothies made in a Ninja.  Which I STINKING ADORE.  Get one.  You will wonder why you ever wasted a single dollar on a crummy blender before.  Then you will ask it to be your boyfriend.  

Each week Jeannett hosts Insta-Friday.
This week she is asking us to do a little more.
Collect food.
A tiny simple, meaningful thing.
Join me.
How can we not?

life rearranged


  1. I for one, will be telling my husband about the Supertones upcoming new news as soon as he walks in the door. We adore them...they were my first concert. We still compare every ska band to them. Pretty stoked. We love good horns in our music :)

  2. Cute pictures.
    I also hate that Febreeze. No way those rooms don't stink. I also agree the poor peope when the blindfolds come off. Yuck.
    Love the catnapper.

  3. I love your instafriday! Cutest kiddos! : ) Hope you can get blessed with a power nap in those 18 minutes. I know I needed them when my four were little. : ) Love the Supertones BTW!

  4. I had to laugh at vision insurance. We have super amazing spectacular incredible health insurance through Jon's employer (IBM) but even our vision "insurance" is crap. I think we pay $50 for a $100 credit in vision?

    They should really call it vision coupons because that's what it is.

  5. OMG! I went to Blogher '11 in San Diego and they had a booth set up with Proctor and Gamble products... They blindfolded us and led us into a room that smelled amazing and when we took them off, there were dirty clothes and rotting food everywhere. EW! I was SO shocked and they filmed it, too! BAHH!

  6. I just want you to know that I caught the hidden Supertones quote. Oh yes I did.

    And what is going on?? New album???

  7. Both my boys were catnappers, so I understand your pain! And Janey...I want to squeeze her! COULD NOT BE CUTER, that little thing!

  8. Hahaha, the skunk onesie! I wanted one so bad for my baby (who is a girl, but it doesn't matter!) but they were gone sofast. Shane is a cute little stinker, even if he doesn't sleep much :)

  9. Is your son wearing a pink polka dot onsie or am I just exhausted? : /

  10. Oh my goodness. Are you going to take your crew on the road with the Supertones? That would be easy. I think I saw an RV on Pinterest.

  11. I can always count on you for a good giggle. Thanks for that! I look forward to what I'm gonna find everytime I see "Joy's Hope" sitting in my in box.... I rarely hop over to comment (shame on me I know) but I wanted to spread some sunshine back your way this morning. I love your adorable family:)

  12. Loving your American Girl catalog comment. Haha!

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  14. Your children are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Such fun photos!

  15. I am new to your blog and I think you are hilarious! I often have to read your posts to my husband who gets a good laugh as well. Sorry about the catnapping...I can sympathize. I came across a great book that helped me figure out my son's sleep issues. It is called Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth. It has been wonderful and I have been referring to it a LOT with my 2nd baby. Thanks for bringing humor and fun pictures into my sleep deprived days!

  16. but he looks so sweet when he is catnapping.

    my daughter can fit in some of my littlest clothes. jerk.

    supertones. :-)

  17. This post and the lovely pics made me smile big...that little catnapper is biteable. I'm also so glad to know I'm not the only person who is TOTALLY grossed out by those Febreeze commercials. If someone did that to me, when they took the blindfold off I would have a major heart/panic/brain attack on the spot. My kids think it is hilarious that I have to leave the room when they come on the tube.

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  19. Catnaps - frustrating but man, your catnapper is adorable!

    The Febreeze commercials - agreed! I can't wait to hear the story of the tent though. Your FreakCycle post from long ago is one of the funniest things I've ever read!

    Supertone comeback - HOORAY! Takes me back to my college days. Put in a good word for Boise to make it on the tour list :)

    Final thought - your blog was a topic of discussion at our girls weekend this weekend and we were all in agreement that we just love it to pieces! :)

    oops I had it wrong the first time...

  21. InstaFriday return, yeah!

    Supertones, double yeah! I've been a fan since high school!

  22. That's just life. Orange Co, California. Thank you for that being in my head all afternoon. Thank you also for linking up to my comic sans evite party. I love you for it.