{Printable made by the rad Mel.
Feel free to right click, save and share.}

You did it!
You spread the word.
You donated.
You funded a well.
A hope and a future for a community an ocean away.

Thank you.
So very very very much.

We are overwhelmed and our hearts so very happy.
{Erin, this is so perfect!
Just like your post.}

Like on a date with fake Ryan happy.

Although many of the giveaways have drawn the lucky winners, the campaign is open through February.
Why stop at one well, right?

(If your donation qualified for a bonus treat, please get your screenshot and mailing address to me by Wednesday December 21st, so I can send out all packages before Christmas.
charity:water doesn't send me donor email addresses, so I have no way of contacting you otherwise.)

I wanted to make another vlog to share my thoughts (getting crazy), but I have a crummy head cold, it hurts to talk and I can barely form a coherent sentence.  
But I did leave Photo Booth open when I skulked off to the kitchen to stress bake cookies.

Someone might have made a dozen crazytown videos.
Someone might be a big fan of Biz's Beat of the Day.
This is life with Lucy.
Love that wacky kid.  Not sure where that accent is from...  but to translate, she starts it off by saying
"Thanks for getting the money for the well."
Yes.  Just like my strange accented daughter says...


Unicorns and sparkles.


  1. That video is HILARIOUS! And Halley is your twinsie, at least from the eyes up where that's all you can see at the end of the video there.

    Congratulations on raising enough money for the well~ I am constantly amazed by your efforts as a mom and as a caring human being.

  2. That video literally made me laugh out loud. Reminds me SO MUCH of me and my sister. My sister is the crazy one. I'm the one is background, silently eating cookies.

  3. Seriously, best vlog ever. It should be a weekly thing on your blog..

    Oh yayyyya! Ha! :)

  4. B thinks Lucy is HILARIOUS! We just watched the video 4 times. Lucy needs her own blog!

  5. ZERO days until I receive my gorgeous sign! ;-) Thank you, thank you, thank you! I appreciate you rocking out the packaging and labeling and getting it to me so swiftly! We're going to be counting down EVERYTHING now ~ yay! The Merriest of Christmases and the Happiest of New Years to you and your darling fam! Get better soon, mama! XO

  6. we have a hundred of those on our computer too!
    so loud.
    yay for water!

  7. I sent an email of my receipt to the email in your post - let me know if I need to send it to a different address.

  8. that video totally made my night!

  9. Looks like fun in your house! That was a hoot!

  10. I am totally bummed I have no sound right now! She is so big now! Love you for being you, and so excited for your heart on this well project.

    Kristina Gulino

  11. that video just made my day! :)

  12. Awesome. To the well & to Lucy. Hil-arious. Bet it was fun cleaning up your computer screen. And love how miss Halley very calmly stopped the video. Big sisters are so helpful. Awesome. Btw, don't know if I've commented here before, but your blog rocks. Thanks for sharing...

  13. OMG that made me Lol so hard! I'm glad that my kids are the only super silly ones.

  14. Ha! It's like the "Odd Couple" at the end! You might want to cut out the Red Dye #40 for Lucey. (And know that I am totally kidding. I am about to go eat my Pop Tart for breakfast, so no judgment here!) Hope you are feeling well very soon. I would tell you to have a Merry Christmas, but it looks like you already are!

  15. all kinds of amazing right there. especially when she almost falls off the chair. she's a keeper.