What does it say about me that all I wanted for my birthday was a day alone.

Sad right?
Or dreamy?

Or is it the introvert in me?
The introvert that loves her family.  Loves her friends.  Loves having her house full of people and her calendar full of events.

But the introvert in me that has been desperate for quiet.

While my dream was to go to a hotel, armed with a stack of books, magazines, my ipod and Starbucks giftcards,  with the thought of going to the movies alone,  but mostly with the possibility of sleeping uninterrupted, perhaps even past 6am...  A cute tiny human has other plans for me.  Plans that require I be gone no more than four hours away from him at all times.

So my husband, the epitome of an extrovert, knew what I needed.  Even though he doesn't completely understand it, and frankly thinks it's pretty weird...

Sent me off with a new pair of Toms and money with strict instructions to spend on myself.

By Yo'self Day was born.

I ate lunch alone.
And liked it.

I wandered shops alone.
I made some returns.
I did a little Christmas shopping.

Uninterrupted being the key word here.
I bought some treats.
I wished I could buy some other treats.

I came home a better wife, mother and friend.

It might have been the best birthday ever.

In a weird sort of way.

If you had a By Yo'self Day, what would you do?

I'm already dreaming of the 24 hour version come 2012.  I don't care if the hotel faces the freeway.  Just as long as it has blackout curtains and is within a mile of Starbucks.


  1. i think your by yo'self language is the same as my by yo'self language.
    a hotel (location is not important - a clean room with fluffy comforter is)

    treats you got: want.

    treats you want: also want.

    toms with teal soles: last minute add on to my christmas list (yep, that's lmao for short)

    i'm having a by yo'self day tomorrow.
    with my dog.
    cause she isn't a human, although she does talk back.
    i need a human detox.

    endless cups of coffee. (decaf after the first one, or else BZZZ!)
    sugar, butter, flour, vanilla extract. yep. cookies.
    a good movie, or maybe some parks and rec.

    and i may go rogue and burn a fire in my fireplace (gotta find out if that's legal again)

    over and out.
    :) happy belated birthday!

  2. my by yo'self 30th birthday was my favorite so far.
    reading on the floor at a bookstore.
    more eating.
    more shopping.

  3. Oh man... Would wouldn't I want in a day by myself.

    A big cozy bed to myself.

    My sewing machine and pretty things to make.

    Coffee, treats and more treats.

    A good book.



    Take lots of pretty pictures of random things.

    I can go on and on... :)

    Glad you had a good birthday!!

  4. I am so glad I am not the only person that dreams of hotels and books and cheesecake for dinner and QUIET.

    My girlfriends and I went go on an annual 24 hour shopping trip about an hour away and the one requirement is our own hotel room. No one waking you up, no one needing anything, no one kicking you in the head while you sleep. It is heaven.

    So glad you got your by Yo'self day! Hope next year it's an overnighter!

  5. Happy Birthday to you!

    I just got the exact same pair of Toms...love them, the turquoise sole is the best : )

  6. best.TOMS.ever. that's one fab husband you have. i'm glad you got a "by yo'self day!" for yo birfday! i'm after those turquoise urbanears... thinking that i need to merry christmas them to myself! :)

  7. Happy Birthday friend... Glad you had a lovely day...

  8. Happy Birthday! Today is my birthday and I wish I had an alone day. I just want to sleep. I don't think that's too much to ask for on your birthday.

  9. Good for you!!!
    I totally would love that being I'm an introvert myself. I would book myself into a hotel with all my fav books and magazines. I would go to a little town nearby with shops and have a wonderful lunch and totally VEG!!!!

  10. I LOVE this!!

    I will be asking for a By yo'self day for my next birthday.

    Shopping, a little take-out, maybe re-reading The Hunger Games and a little spa time. Fab-u-lous.

  11. Love it. I'm an extrovert but still love me some alone time. A day to myself sounds dreamy right about now! Glad you enjoyed your time.

  12. I asked for the same thing for my birthday! It included a pedicure, sitting in Starbucks reading for a couple hours, uninterupted sleep, and crafty alone. It was heavenly.

  13. i have not had a by yo'self day in a while BUT i did have a 3 hour lunch with a friend recently. my mother in law was watching the littlest while the others were in school. after eating and talking and eating and talking, i said "i never told my mil what time i would return, do you know what time it is?" i was thinking we had been together about 1 1/2 hours and it was 3 hours later... i had to scoot in order not to be late for car pool. that was very much needed and i indeed was a better mom and wife for it also.

  14. sounds like a heavenly idea to me!

    We just moved into a new (to us) house so I'd KILL for an entire day with no human interaction to:

    Organize my sewing room

    Sew curtains for living room

    Go antique/vintage shopping for a hutch to store my insane amounts of fabric

    Eat lunch by my-self

    And maybe even nap!

  15. Sounds like a great day! I am so jealous that you got to shop at Anthro!!! LOVE those hooks :-)

  16. The introvert in me is screaming "YES!!!!" this sounds awesome.

    Mine would include Dr. pepper, Hot Tea, a massage, a good hot long whirlpool bath, and maybe a trip to Anthro if money allowed.

  17. this is EXACTLY what I got for my birthday this year! a wad of cash and an afternoon to myself. I hit starbucks, then anthro & sephora & nordys and just sat in the sunshine and took a deep breath. hope it was a great one!! <3 a fellow introvert but extrovert sometimes too. :)

  18. I went to Burke Williams this year for my birthday. I wanted a day too. It was lovely.

  19. best day ever! love your husband.
    i have dreams of by yo'self day. mine must have room service so i don't have to leave the hotel. naps. bubblebath. and probably another nap. happy birthday.

  20. Treat yo'self....and Happy Birthday!!

  21. My hubby gives me a "by yo'self day" (usually about 36 hours) a couple times a year. It's the BEST gift ever and always seems to come right at the perfect time. Mine also include Starbucks, books, pedicures, a comfy bed, and lots of sleep. Happy birthday, Julie!

  22. I'm an introverted, stay-at-home mom to 3 yr old triplets and a 5 yr old. I get 4 "days off" each year where my husband uses his vacation days and I can do anything I want. They are absolutely essential for my sanity and I highly recommend "by yo'self" days! I also frequently head out in the evenings for a couple hours by myself to do a little shopping alone, or go see a movie, or just have dinner by myself and my husband puts the kids to bed. They DO make me a better wife, mom, PERSON and restores some of the quiet that I need after a long day w/ the kids. Kudos to you, and keep them up - you deserve them!

  23. I love your TOMS, have those same ones on my wish list. Sounds like you had the perfect day. Happy belated Birthday.

  24. haha, this is so me. i love people, being with friends, etc... but people exhaust me. i love going to panera, or a coffee shop with a book all by myself. or with my ipod and headphones. i love time to myself. :)

    sounds like a lovely birthday!!

  25. I'm feeling like I NEED a "by yo'self day" soon!! It's been a while...but you know what the absolute best is? A work trip with the hubs...he's in meeting all day while I sleep in and sit by the pool with a book and then at night we get to hang out and eat dinner out! Perfection!!

  26. my version in january is gonna be "by ow'selfs" day with the peeps i like best. since i'm from jason's side of the fence. good job doin' it up right! looks amazing.

  27. That sounds absolutely dreamy right about now. Happy birthday!

  28. Happy Birthday!! I have dreams of a weekend by myself... Books, music, Netflix & my sewing machine... And no 3:45am potty trips with the little munchkin.

  29. i missed your birthday?
    i should check my Facebook once in awhile.

    well....HAPPY BIRTHDAY girlie.

    i covet alone days.
    LOVE them.
    need them.

    it sounds like a dreamy day to me.

  30. Happy Belated Birthday to you! What a special gift you received...and you're so right...we ARE better people after a few hours by ourselves. Enjoy the rest of your {special} birthday month! XO

  31. That is the BEST birthday present EVER!! I am so asking for that for my birthday in February! Love it!

  32. Good = Knowing you need time to yoursefl.
    Great = Admitting you need it...outloud.
    Better = Asking fo time for yo'self for your birthday.
    Best = Your husband loving the idea, loving you, loving your kids, giving yo a little extra dough, and sending you on your way!

    Sounds like a perfect slice of amazing! So thrilled you have a refesh day.

  33. Happy birthday, Julie!! {sorry I'm late...}

    looks like a lovely day. :)

  34. From one Dec bday gal to another- Happy Birthday! And yes, I may not have called it anything cool like that, but that sounds a lot like what I usually do on my birthday! I'm now declaring next Friday "By yo'self day" :)

  35. I totally 100% understand by yo'self day! awesomeness! sounds so relaxing! Enjoy your day!

  36. There is a part in the movie Date Night where Tina Feys character says she dreams of going to a hotel all by herself. I laughed so hard and told my husband that's how I feel sometimes! Sometimes going to the grocery store by myself is heaven! I'm not even an introvert, but 4 kids is just constant! Glad you got your day alone!

  37. happy birthday first of all.

    a day all to myself? oh happy day.

    my little doesn't let me leave for more than 3 hours. some day next year i'd drive to the beach and sit with a good book, an in n'out burger w/ animal style fries & a chocolate shake, on a blanket and just enjoy the sound of the waves. then i'd head over to shop w/out anyone with me. and finish it off with a hotel stay and room service in the a.m. (after sleeping in till 9 or 10 of course).


  38. i think that sounds like a really fantastic day!

    happy birthday, sounds like you spent it well.

  39. i would want my by yo'self day to be at home! i lovelove when i have the whole entire house to myself

  40. oooooo! How wonderful that your husband gave you this day even if his extroverted self doesn't fully understand! How I wouldn't love such a day! Being a mommy is great but now almost 2 years in I so identify with the desire for 24 heavenly hours alone!

    Happy belated birthday!

  41. I think that is awesome! Happy birthday beautiful, beautiful girl! Your husband is an absolute winner! Great gift!

  42. sounds sublime...im exactly the same

  43. Sounds wonderful! Our four kids are now teens/pre-teens and I still dream of escaping to a luxury hotel for a night of complete solitude...sleeping in, room service, sleeping in...

  44. As a Mom I sometimes forget what time to myself feels like! I SO need a by yoself day. Don't think I can wait until my Birthday, though.. August is waaaay far away!

    Mine would include..
    -Starbucks vanilla bean frappucino & cake pops
    -Hob Lob
    -Take out from my fav Japanese steakhouse
    -Making something fun, uninterrupted
    -Napppppp (also uninterrupted)
    -Pandora on in the car - really loud.

    ..Hm, this could go on forever! LOL.

  45. this would be a dream come true!

    i keep a little running list of gift ideas since gifts is my love language and my husband is a self proclaimed horrible gift giver. i like to help a fellow out. on my list is 2 days at home by myself. even one day at home by myself would be glorious. or a hotel room by myself. yum!

    glad you had a fantastic by yo'self day!