Get the flu.
That's it.  Simple.

I'm sick.
Like siiiiiiiiiiiiick.
The kind of sick that makes you sort of long for a night in the hospital, if just for the drugs and sleep.

But that's a bit crazy, right?

So I have two more sleeps to kick this junkyness or else I won't be crawling downstairs for Christmas.
I really want to crawl downstairs for Christmas.

But what it is doing, is making me ditch all of the to-do list and in a way that is incredibly freeing.
No stressful, hurried, rushing around.

Just laying around watching Christmas movies and nonsense videos with my cute family.

Planning what kind of cake we will make for Jesus' birthday.  The current request is cheesecake.  Yep.

Nite nite. for now.

Can't handle the awesome that is in this video.


  1. Uh-oh, not fun at all. I hope you'll feel better asap! Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh my gosh that cracked me up! I loved the part about the poo hitting the fan when he blows up alderan! Thanks for sharing...

  3. praying you are well soon!
    {i have the flu, too. pfft}
    hope your christmas is merry as all get out, no matter what! emmanuel!

  4. Yoda...that's when I lost it. So great!

    Hope you feel better right away!

  5. Sorry you are sick. I know how you feel. The flu spread through our family like a wildfire. I did get out of bed all day. Now we have to fly back home tomorrow. Now I need to pray the only child who hasn't been sick doesn't get sick on the plane.

  6. I sure hope you feel better soon! Have a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family and enjoy your baby's first Christmas.

  7. where do you find this stuff, dude? it never ceases to amaze me. nate cracked up as he swayed side to side.

  8. Aw man, that's the pits! I am so sorry. Rest up, enjoy your down time since you know you never get any otherwise and pray, pray, pray for healing by Sunday. Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh friend I am SO sorry. I totally understand where you're coming from ... I had the flu this past Spring and I too was dreaming of a night at the hospital ... even hoping for an IV if it meant pain relief. It was bad. I did end up at the ER when I told my Sweets I just could not do another night of this. I found out I had cracked a rib from the coughing and had developed pneumonia. And yes, life just had to go on hold ... the shop, the mama taking care of everything, all of it ... and I had to seek help. It was good to walk through ... perspective ;).

    Praying you can not only crawl, but walk yourself downstairs for Christmas morning.

    Wishing you nothing but R&R in the week to follow too!! Trust me, it takes weeks to bounce back ... don't rush it!!

    XOXO & Merriest Christmas wishes!!

  10. So not cool!! I hope your sickness is not as icky as the awfulness of a bug that has been at our house this past week. I do agree it has made me cut the to-do Christmas list which=stress-free. But I want to spend Christmas with some extended family pretty bad. We already had to ditch Thanksgiving because of being sick then too. I usually don’t get much for sickness until Jan/Feb., so I’m hoping I will be super healthy then. I’ve been drinking a lot of honey, yes drinking, ha ha! I try to not think of how much sugar I’ve had this past week, but I guess because I haven’t eaten much that maybe it equalizes out or something… One thing sickness always does for me--is appreciate my good health. Hope you feel better sooner than later! Merry Christmas Julie! :)

  11. I feel your pain, I'm craaaazy sick too! I want to be better though, I love Christmas so much. Have a very merry christmas, feel better!

  12. Oh, you win the Star Wars nerdiness award, I love it.

  13. I am so sorry!
    I was sick this week too.
    Last night we took Ella to the ER---dehydration due to the flu.
    3 hrs later we were home. :)
    Praying for you!

  14. i watched this with my teenage son, noah. he thinks i am awesome for watching it. thank you.

    hope you are feeling better and enjoying your family.