Are you ready to build another well with us?
Are you ready to tangibly change the face of an entire community half a world away?

My darling friends have come up with some amazing prize bundles, full of happiness and awesomeness.

Each $10 donation to the Project 320 campaign page is good for one entry in one of the prize bundles.

Lovely generous crafters, shop owners, bloggers and just plain rad humans, have dug down deep and donated to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Think of how just $10 can give one person water for ten years.  Try to wrap your mind around that.
Think of how you can donate.  Perhaps forgo a gift or two and give water instead.  We even have a pretty printable on our Facebook page to assist you in gift giving.  How easy and meaningful is that?

When I was thinking of what I could do in terms of putting together a prize bundle, I came up with a slightly different plan.  I want to support and augment the other generous giveaways.  I want everyone to have a chance to win.  So I computered, powertooled, painted, sanded and sewed.
For water.  For you.

With a $30 donation you will give three people clean water.
Plus two giftable, happy, lovely and joyful, 8x10 printables.
As well as three entries to the prize bundle or bundles of your choice.

With a $60 donation, you will give six people clean water.
The happy printables.
Plus a versatile Days Until countdown sign (shipping included).
As well as six entries to the prize bundle or bundles of your choice.

With a $120 donation, you will give one dozen people clean water.
The happy printables.
Plus a rainbow set of ten Pretty.Messy. flower pins.  Ten for you?  Or ten gifts...
As well as twelve entries to the prize bundle or bundles of your choice.

Want to see what the prize bundles are?
{New ones are being added each day.  Yay!}
Visit each giveaway by clicking the thumbnails below.
After you have donated, send a screenshot or forward your Charity Water receipt to

project320blog {at} gmail dot com.

Thanks for your heart to help.
To share what you have to save and change lives.

All of us from Project 320 love and appreciate you being a part of our passion and dream.

Lets fund this well.
{Bonus treats applies to all donations made by Monday December, 19th.}


  1. Hooray! Who wouldn't want that darling countdown board? I love it!

    Kristina Gulino

  2. WOO HOO! I was planning to donate anyway! Email coming.

  3. Two Things:

    One: I donated. What you're doing is awesome.

    Dos: Can I join Project 320?


  4. a while back when it rained, the rain filled a gross bucket in our back yard with brown yuckiness. nate looked at it and said with the saddest voice, "mom that reminds me of the kids who have to drink yucky water." he's reminded that some people don't have clean water. i'm not. i'm a loser. i gotta rope the kids into this one this time around.

  5. Just donated $30. Thanks so much for doing this Julie! Such a great thing!

  6. I sent you an email - love the count down board!

  7. You are awesome! I just donated $30.