Welcome to the Happy Day Project!
Jeannett and I are so glad that you are here.

How about some background?
We both were inspired by this post and knew that we wanted to do something meaningful leading up to the holiday season.

This whole use your blog for good thing is fun!
So we brainstormed and came up with a little plan.
For one week we will spread sunshine unexpectedly.
Many of the tasks are easy, lots of them can involve little ones.
All of them will be a little ray of light in some one's day.

But we also wanted to make it cute.
We like cute.
So we enlisted super talented friends who donated their time and skill to make printables that go with the day's task.

Then we wanted to make an even bigger impact.  Jeannett has a heart to fund raise.  I am consistently amazed at how she takes her passions and puts them to work.  We have picked a charity to feature each day, to compliment the daily task.  A charity that is near and dear to our hearts.

Here is a list of what is in store:
What's next?
We start Monday.  Both Jeannett and I will be a day ahead so we are able to post about the daily task bright and early in the morning.  Each assignment will have many options so you can tailor it to your family, your community, or your schedule.

At the end of the week we will celebrate the days that were made just a little bit happier with a big linky party and some super fun surprises.

What can you do?
Join in!
Commit to spending the next couple of days thinking and planning what you are going to do.  Even better than that, help us spread the word.  Blog, tweet, facebook, pin, sky write, about The Happy Day Project.  Lets flood the world with sunshine next week.


Want a cute button to decorate your sidebar?
Here you go...  grab away.

happy day

We would love to know if you are joining us.  Write a post to spread the word.  Feel free to grab any images you'd like.  Then link up your post below.  (You can link up here or at Life Rearranged, but you don't need to link up both places.  We are sharing the linky, so your cute little thumbnail will appear no matter where you start.)


  1. Count me in! Rad. I love, love, love the Wounded Warrior Charity. Super close to my heart.

  2. this will make me very happy. very happy :)

  3. I will be joining! I did 31 random acts of kindness in 31 days back in March. Loved it and everything I was able to do!

  4. I'm so in on this beautiful project! Just read through the whole birthday post as well...such a beautiful idea! Love how you took the inspiration from that to form this. You gals are beautiful...inside & out!

  5. sooooo excited!! my very favorite type of project! love y'all!

  6. Sounds like so much fun!!! Will check back in on monday :)

  7. i'm in. and reppin' your super sweet button.

    thanks for doing this.
    and spurring the rest of us on.

    i can hear the jewels being set in your crown right now.

  8. Great idea, I'm joining up!

  9. I cannot even tell you how much I love this. LOVE! There is not much that makes me as happy as doing kind things for people who aren't expecting it and it's good to be reminded to do it on on purpose!

  10. I never leave comments, but your blog is one of my favorites! Thank you so very much for sharing your heart...you inspire me, encourage me and make me laugh! Wish Nebraska wasn't so far from California :) I'm linking up for the happy day project, love, love, love the idea!

  11. I'm in and I can't wait! I am always doing little things here and there for people, but this is so fantastic! Have to post about it later, but have the button on my sidebar ready to go :) !

  12. I love this idea, I am so excited to be a part of it. Thank you Julie

  13. I'm a new follower. I am going to try and do it!

  14. blogged about it, linked to it, tweeted it, pinned it....doodles almost done..love love love your beautiful heart!

  15. I'm in. Just blogged about it. http://beadtowne.blogspot.com/2011/11/happy-day-project.html

  16. Yup. Totally doing this. What a wonderful idea!


  17. OK I'm in! Who doesn't want to spread and experience Happy! Love this idea.

  18. love this idea! must participate.

  19. i'm joining in! going to stop making i'm too busy excuses, and instead "bring out my God colors" this week and "be generous with my life!"

    thank you julie & jeanette!

  20. Very excited! I blogged, pinned, facebooked, and chimed it! :)

  21. I am in! That is the best thing I've heard all season... except for bacon on a maple donut this weekend..haha... Seriously, I will check back all week and follow along. I will blog too. There needs to be more "happy" in our world! Tracy (www.tfisherart.com)

  22. I'm leaving on Thursday for a conference so may not be able to get the whole week in, but I'm gonna try! If I can't do every single day is that still okay? :)

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  24. I love this idea! And I am totally joining in. But, my link is not working. I don't see any way to delete it and try again. Do you think you could help me out? Thanks. It's link #111.