What is it about holiday clothes?
I love them so.
I have a bin for each season and I love digging into them year after year.

I made these pumpkin dresses in 2007.
(The fabric is called Pumpkin Party and it is made by Alexander Henry.  It is out of print, but with patience I bet you could find it with a good google search.)
They have seen quite a few Halloweens.  Last year I made a bigger one for Halley.  After this year the littlest one will have to be passed on.  Hating the growing again.  Hating.

I really, really wanted to recreate the magic that happened last year at the parking lot pumpkin patch.  
It might be my favorite picture that I have ever taken.
It didn't exactly happen, but I like it all the more with the addition of someone who wasn't even on our radar or in our dreams last year.  How crazy is that.  A new human.  I love him.  I love his candy corn-esque little outfit from Drew and the pumpkin hat that Halley wore her first Halloween in 2004.  Bins of holiday clothes, I tell ya.  You never know when you will need something again.

 The girls keep on asking when we are going to get Disney passes again.
(Probably, maybe, never.  Boo.)

 But I am pretty sure that this two minute, twelve dollar, rickety boat ride, will hold them over for a bit.

 Seriously.  They are pretty easy to please.

Considering my fairly controlling nature, one might assume that I was the mastermind behind this little Neverland theme.  But no my friends,  I have passed down the gene of orchestration to these little ones.

It started with Halley.
She wanted to be Tiger Lily.
Mostly for the moccasins.
My mom was going to make her a costume, but when I saw this Pocahontas one at the Disney store I knew it could work.  I snipped off the Pocahontas medallion, took off the belt, flipped it upside down, glued a feather in the back and called it Tiger Lily.  Done and done.

Lucy is a real life Tinkerbell.
Strong and tiny, fair and flighty.
She did not need any begging to don the lime green again.
This cute costume came from Kohl's.
I planned to make her a version 2.0 of her little Tink shoes, but instead she chose a rainbow sparkle pair from Walmart, with a green puff hot glued on top.  Crazy easy.

Little Miss Wendy is 99% sunshine.
But when you catch the other 1% watch out.
Picture time came during what is supposed to be naptime.
But I still think she is the cutest Wendy I ever did see!
My way too talented mom made this sweet number.  
It is just perfect.  So cute on this baby Wendy girl.

No trip to Neverland would be complete without Peter Pan.  Good thing we added a human to our family this year.
My friend's dear mother in law crocheted this darling hat without a pattern, off just a picture.  Oh to have those kinds of skills.  It will last his little head through the winter months.  Jaunty feather and all.
His costume was based on Make It and Love It's tutorial.  It is so dreamy to sew with fleece and felt.  Forgiving, no fraying...  Just my kind of project.

 My goal was to buy what I could, make what I can, and outsource the rest.  I have to admit that Wendy and Peter's hat are certainly the Halloween stars.  Outsourcing works my friends.  That and my cute littles that wear them.


  1. yep. the wendy costume was picture perfect.
    down to that little bow.

    here's to your kids taking a note from peter pan and never growing up.

  2. stinking cute.
    there's really not a whole lot else to say.
    maybe someday i can convince my kids (i.e. henry) to do the theme thing too. i'm just lucky he didn't dig his heels in with the optimus prime costume he originally wanted.

  3. Oh no...retiring a pumpkin dress?! Can't you just put leggings under it? My littlest just wore a 3-6 month dress as a shirt last week because I can't bear to part with it. She's 3 and a half. :) I just love the costumes!

  4. LOVE your kiddos costumes. And what a perfect little pan man :D.

    I think it's great how the moccasins can inspire...the SAME EXACT thing happened to me this year (they were the same brand as your girl's too...o the irony)...it was all about the moccasins!

    See my post here: http://thefarmerswifeashten.blogspot.com/

  5. So cute!
    We had Darth Vader and Yoda...and I bought a little and made a little, too. It was the best option for my sanity :)

    I love the pumpkin dresses, so glad you could use them again!

  6. I seriously adore those costumes. So precious.

    "How crazy is that. A new human." -- I definitely laughed out loud at that. :)

    Much love,

  7. Shane's face in the first shot is killing me! Love all your pics.

  8. Your family is precious. I just happened upon your blog after re-pinning the printable from your Happy Sunday post. I just finished reading "Joy's Story," and wanted to thank you for sharing. I have been through infertility and one miscarriage myself, and your post really spoke to me.

  9. Your kids are adorable! And your younger 2 girls faces look identical in the last picture. Seriously exactly the same! :)

  10. love to see your family growing! :) both in numbers and in age! :) and look how much hair "bald baby" has grown in one year! hee-hee!

  11. Oh my goodness! Love it, love it!

  12. I can't believe how much they have grown up in one year! I didn't think there could ever be a cuter Peter than my B, but I think Shane is a close tie :) Love them!

  13. Too much cuteness!! I can't handle it!!

  14. Your children are so cute!! Love the costumes.

  15. They look so cute!

  16. oh my.. he is peter pan!! I totally thought he was link, lol. you know from zelda and I was like, "how cool he has a little sword too!".. well, now I feel silly, haha.

  17. Ahh what wonderful photographs, looks like you had a wonderful day.
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