I have yet to meet a hand me down I didn't like.
They fall into three categories:
1. Ready to wear
2. Ready to upcycle or refab
3. Ready to go to Grandma's 
(the grandmas are much more tolerant of 
messy activities than my stain OCD allows.)

This pair of shoes might have been cute once, but camo isn't Lucy's thing.

Tinkerbell is.

However, Mean Mom made her have a St. Patrick's birthday party 
instead of a Tink one and is feeling a wee bit guilty.

A refab of the camo shoes was in order.
Sort of a mea culpa.

What you need:
Old slip on type shoes
A glue gun and lots of glue sticks
Stretch sequin trim (I got mine at Walmart for about $3)

I started on the inside heel of one of the shoes and began gluing.

Unfortunately, there will be no pictures of the rest of the steps because 
hot glue gun + melting sequins + trying to take pictures 
with my left hand wasn't working.

But I am sure you get the idea.  
Just run a bead of glue, stretch the sequins along it 
and repeat until the shoes are covered.  

Add on some pom poms, strap you child in her carseat so she stays 
still enough to shoot a picture of the final product and you are done.

Bye bye camo, hello Tinkerbell.
Decent shoes recycled for $3.
All in about ten minutes.

My kind of project.


  1. This is brilliant!
    Good job Mama!

  2. Julie- You are amazing! Great job! Can I be you when I grow up?:) Lori

  3. wow- so cute! What a great idea!

  4. I love it!!! I might have to steal this one for some of Leah's old shoes to give to Carly! Thanks for a great idea Julie!

  5. That is awesome. Ok, so now I want to be you when I grow up. Your ideas are amazing! Keep em coming!

  6. Would have never of thought of that. So cute and creative!!

  7. Seriously FANTASTIC idea! Those are adorable.

  8. wow julie.
    very impressive.
    i know that annie would love this...not tink related...just sparkly.

  9. Awesome!!

    PS. Still wondering about those mouse pads. I need one of those pretty ones :)

  10. OMG! That is a fabulous idea! My daughter begged me for tinkerbell shoes. So of course I went to the disney store and got some. After 2 weeks she has already grown out of them! I'm totally going to do that! Thanks for the idea!

  11. Those are AH-MAZING Julie!!! Now if I only had a little girl to make them for. I doubt Lex would like em. Darn. :-)

  12. so cute! great idea. thanks for inspiring me.

  13. Thanks for the idea Julie - I think I will try this for Skylar's Dorothy ruby slippers for next Halloween!

  14. seriously, those are soooooooo cute i mean come on where do you come up with these ideas? do you dream craft ideas? my kids will want these and i'm probably going to oblige! since i am a sucker for sparkles myself :)

  15. Wow! These are SO cute! You are too creative! I bet Lucy loves these...my girls would go crazy if they had these! I might need to attempt in the near future. Thanks for the great idea!

  16. WOW! Those are gorgeous! I will be scouring my goodwill for shoes I can do this with! (umm, for my daughter. I don't really need to mention that, right? :p)

  17. Thats so awesome!!! My 5 yr old niece's bday is coming up next month and what a perfect idea!!!! She LOVES that kind of stuff!!! Thanks for the amazing idea!

  18. I'm now convinced you can make ANYTHING cute!

  19. Oh my gosh those are stinkin adorable. I love them.

  20. Those are adorable!

    Oh and "hi" - My name is Jamie and I am coming out of blog lurker land. :)

  21. Oh My Gosh, are those the cutest things ever! I swear you are so stink'n talented. I love seeing all the great ideas you create.
    Have fun tomorrow :O)

  22. that is amazing!!! i might even go buy a pair of cheap shoes JUST to do that since my daughter is the one who passes down her goodies, and we don't know anyone who passes down to her. :) love it!

  23. Thanks for doing this two years ago so that you could save my butt today! My 18month old daughter is going to be Tink this year and I tried making glitter shoes (like every other tutorial suggested) and they looked TERRIBLE!! I needed something to cover it up AND look good and the sequin rope was just the answer! They look better than I could have ever hoped for! Thanks for saving my daugter's costume!

  24. I just made theseand I lovethem! Thanks!