is my specialty. 
As much as I wish It wasn't. 
It always has been, and probably always will be.

Alicia and I are selling at a craft fair this weekend.

Currently I have nothing to sell.

Perhaps it is because I am fighting an awesome cold,
and am stinking of garlic.

But mostly it is because I am up to my eyeballs in partially finished items.
That I should have started on weeks and weeks ago.

So, if you live in Orange County please come 
by our possibly sparse booth and
perhaps bring me Starbucks
(Alicia prefers Coffee Bean).

Email me for details and my drink order.

Off to sew.

Seriously, bring me coffee.  Seriously.


  1. Did I miss it? Where is the craft fair? With this warm weather you might prefer an iced coffee!

  2. Hey, I live in orange county!
    Where is the craft fair?

  3. OoOh, i would SO be there...gallon of coffe, my sewing machine and Dave in hand.....!! dangit!

  4. Spring Boutique!!!!!
    Mission Hills Community Church
    29582 Aventura
    RSM 92688
    This Saturday!

  5. i wish i could! that would be so lovely to have starbucks together.
    best wishes on your craft fair....maybe alicia will have an abundance of things made? maybe?
    enjoy the time away from the kids...a break...if nothing else.

  6. Have fun at the craft show! I hope you feel better!!!!

  7. Where is the craft fair? I live in Riverside and would love to come by!!