No, it isn't these two's publicity seeking faux-mance and faux wedding...
(Yes.  They are "volunteering" at Taco Bell to fight hunger.  Seriously.)
Can you tell that I just watched the season finale of The Hills?

It's me.

I have a nasty cold and my first line of attack is always garlic.
Stinky, potent, pungent garlic to fight the germs.
Call me crazy, but in college when I had no health insurance, a pre- med student (who probably dropped out and became a personal trainer) gave me advice (not sure if it is medical or not) that has worked miracles for me since.

Med school guy:  "Dude, just go over to the bagel shop, get a garlic bagel with garlic cream cheese and you'll feel it kicking the @#%& out of the bacteria."
Me:  "Um, thanks.... dude..... I will give it a try... I think."

Because doctors always call girls "dude" and cuss unnecessarily.

 I strangely took his advice.  A $3 bagel sounded like an easier investment than a pricey doctor's visit.

Besides, I love garlic.  It involves no suffering on my behalf.  I could eat it every day.  He might as well prescribed ice cream.  Jason on the other hand feels differently.  He hates it.  
All winter I have been fighting colds and eating garlic bagels.  He has been silently (or not so silently) suffering.  But today while I slept in, he went to the bagel shop and brought home a bag of stinky bagels and garlic cream cheese.  (Although immediately upon returning he double ziploc bagged them and put them in the living room.)  He really, really loves me.  But that doesn't mean he wants to get too close to me either.
To make me even more cuddly, my ears hurt like crazy, so what do I reach for?  Garlic oil.  It is magical.  Instant relief.  I even use it on the girls.  Nothing like a toddler who smells like an Italian restaurant.  So I might sleep on the couch in all of my garlic glory, but at least I know that I will wake up a little bit healthier.
Maybe I should light some candles.


  1. i'm fighting the cold stuff too...maybe i should try that as well! i'll let you know!

  2. I am so with you on the garlic bagels! I almost look forward to a cold for the excuse to eat all those carbs! Not really....:]

    I didn't know they made garlic oil in a small bottle like that - I will have to look for it.

    My husband comes from an Italian household where garlic was in most everything, except eggs. Don't ever make garlic eggs. I learned the hard way as this was the first thing I made my husband when we got married. He thought I was trying to kill him! :]

    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  3. Omgoodness, talk about a trip down memory lane! I remember my mom putting the garlic oil in my ears when I was younger! I loved the smell, but I hated the feeling of liquid in my ears! lol I forgot all about that I will have to do it on the girls.

  4. Sorry you feel bad! I'll have to give the garlic bagels a try next time we're under the weather. I totally lol at the pre-med to personal trainer connection!!!

  5. I'm cracking up!! My husband tried something like that where you put crushed garlic w/ oil on your feet with socks and wear them to bed. Well I was the one GAGGING!! He had to sleep in the playroom, needless to say it didn't work. He said that he barely slept because he could feel crushed gralic between his toes all night :)
    Hope you feel better soon! Btw my husband HATES when I watch The Hills, he says that I lose brain cells by watching it!

  6. I am so sad for you. I hope you feel better soon my smelly friend!

    By the way, where do you buy the garlic oil?

  7. Sorry you feel bad!! Does the garlic oil really help with earaches??

  8. I get my garlic oil at Henry's a local natural foods store. Yes, it actually works wonders on earaches. Many doctors are recommending it in place of antibiotics for kids ear infections.

  9. Thanks for the tip Julie!! I will have to remember that.
    Merry Christmas!!