Welcome to my tree.
Enjoy a tour of a few of my favorite ornaments.
Stay until the end and watch me mock my innocent daughter.

Crystal made us these girly pink snowglobe ornaments.  Love them.  This tour is inspired by her post here.

A precious family from our church sends us a crystal star every year.  They look so gorgeous with the lights.

My personal favorite for so many reasons.  The girls want to use it to give their dolls coffee.  Hands off kids!  It's mama's!

This is from a zillion years ago to commemorate our first Christmas.  I am the nerd with the book and Jason is the one playing drums.  15 years later, it is much the same.

It couldn't be Christmas without Star Wars represented!

If you haven't read Olive the Other Reindeer you simply must.  Just whatever you do, don't watch the movie.  (Sorry Drew Barrymore, you were awful.)

One of my first experiences at a photo studio and thankfully my best.  Love these girls in their red dresses.

The year we moved into our first house, the city sent these to all of the residents.  Our tree was pretty bare, but this ornament meant so much to us as newlyweds.

Ditched the photo studio for a little beach shot.  Lulu still doesn't have hair, one year later.  Poor girl.

Joy is represented in so many ways on our tree.

This appeared on our doorstep one year.  I still don't know who left it, but I am so thankful.  It is such a wonderful reminder when we are missing her.

Both of the girls got these mouse hats from their aunt to commemorate our near weekly trips to Disneyland.  

Do you like this tree?
Stop laughing!

I was foolishly lured into the Wal-Mart "portrait" studio while shopping with Lucy one day.  The "photographer" had just bought some new costumes and wanted to try them out.  Since I am overly concerned with hurting complete stranger's feelings,  I obliged her.  She stuffed my 8 month old daughter into this hideous Christmas tree bunting mess and began snapping away.  Luckily for all parties involved, Lucy hardly complained.  You know who complained?  The pushy photographer who was horrified that I wouldn't throw down $100 for a picture package.  All I could handle spending was $4.95 for a sheet of wallets to document this random and laughable experience.  Too bad the studio was recently replaced with a McDonalds.  I wonder if they make the tree costumes in adult sizes.  That would be a Christmas card that people would talk about!  


  1. Ha!! Love the Christmas tree baby...you just know that there are photos like that everywhere stuffed into those cheap brass frames...of poor little kids whose parents think it's the best thing since sliced bread. :) Your girls are blessed to have you....7 more sleeps!! :)

    Loved getting to see your tree!! So much fun to see others!!

  2. What beautiful memories. Since you are a star wars fan I hope you will appreciate the reference. She looks a little like Jabba the hut.

  3. Okay...so maybe I did have a little chuckle at sweet Lulu!! I mean, how could I not? All that cuteness stuffed into a tree?!!

    Loved the tree tour!! I'll have to do that next year...something crazy happened with our tree this year and the darn thing dried up and fell apart in less than two weeks! Ughh...

    Hope you are having a fantastic day and feeling better!!

  4. Wonderful tree tour.
    And I'm dying laughing over here at the picture of LuLu. Poor thing. But she was such a good sport. McKenzie would have thrown the biggest fit. I'm sure.

  5. Oh I just love this idea - I especially love your first Christmas together ornament - so fun to have ways to mark those milestones, isn't it. Oh, and that tree pic - just an absolute riot! Thanks for the laugh. I hope your Christmas is just perfect.

  6. I don't think I've laughed so hard at a blog post in a while. The Walmart seen put me in a tizzy. Thanks for the laugh. Merry Christmas!! Oh and I ordered a pinnie for my neice- love it. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Ha I moved from Aliso Viejo to Temecula! Hiddy Ho Neighbor! Blessings Denise