Remember these?
They didn't sell at our garage sale.
I have no idea why.
(The nineties called and wants it's ridiculousness back.)

The cutest Christmas fabric in the history of Christmas.
(Found at Joann's.  Buy it online here.)
I can't even handle the cuteness.  Now what to make...
My first thought was pj pants for the girlies, but they grow so so so fast.
I want it to last and last and last.
Pillow cases?
Ideas please.
Therapy at Homegoods and Home Depot.
It was a good day.

We love rain around here.  I have brainwashed the girls to love my favorite weather just as much as I love it.  Cute boots and cute umbrellas help of course.

 But this little rainstorm has been stressful!
It cannot rain this weekend.
It simply CANNOT!!!!
Because this is happening....
and it is going to be rad.  Rad and not raining.
Crazy excited.

Even on the hardest days....
this whole raising a human thing...
it is always worth it.


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  1. OH MY GRACIOUS GOODNESS! If it werent 6 am right now Id be hoppin in the car and making the half hour drive to Joanns to buy them out of that fabric! Are you kidding me?! Its perfection with a capital P!
    How about nightgowns(they can be made longer so they last more years). But I love the idea of pillowcases or pennants too. Heck, make it all!
    Thanks for sharing. I WILL be stopping in there today.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    (P.S)I have not forgotten about what I wanted to send you. Its been on my nightstand for weeks{picture me hanging my head in shame over here:(}

  2. I've made bags for Christmas to use instead of wrapping paper. It helps coordinate everything too! I wish we had a Joanns here in Australia! x

  3. I'm with 'Handbags*N*Pigtails', that's the cutest Christmas fabric! And I was just at JoAnns yesterday! Dang. I see pillow cases. Cute Christmasy pillowcases. (Although the idea of nightgowns is super cute too) And to go along with 'Selina', I have made large drawstring totes for each member of my family. We all have one and it holds our Christmas pjs that we open on Christmas Eve before bed. (we say the elves leave us something special while we are at church to help us go to sleep while we wait for Santa to come that night) So, maybe lots of pj totes for everyone!? :)

  4. love that fabric! i may just have to make the hour drive to the closest joanns - hope i can get some before it's gone.

  5. Pillowcases! My mom made pillowcases for us when we were little and we still have them today.

    I would also cut each one out, back it with coordinating felt or fabric and make manger scene figurines. Stick them in a basket under the tree and the kids will play with them instead of the tree:)

  6. This fabric is quite cute! I love th fabric drawstring gift bag idea. What about quilted placemats? Make a bunch to put out all December long!

  7. IT!!!!;-) So stinkin' cute!
    I saw a cute tut..haha..that sounds funny... for a pillowcase with a monogrammed pocket on the outside for a book...was super cute!
    Quick question...I'm joining in on all the happiness on Monday:-) Is there a special place we go for the printables? Did I miss it? ...I'm really good at that:-)

  8. i saw a kid wearing roller blades this week. i was driving alone in my car and i said outloud to myself "wow...haven't seen those in years!"

    no fair that you have homegoods.
    not at all.

    i am going to buy that fabric.

    miss you.

  9. Obviously the fabric is a BIG hit! And since my Joann's is about the size of an outhouse and has like only 3 fabrics, I've got to go online. We need details here...what's the line and designer?

  10. There is so much cuteness in this post. Where to start?! Thank you for this. Brightened up my morning.

  11. polka dotted rainboots would cause me to like rain too.

  12. oh, and how cute is that fabric!
    i think i may need to get some and make a little something special {what ?} for my uncle & aunt, who we spend every christmas day with. brace yourself, their names are joseph gabriel and maria {mary} gloria, AND my uncle's birthday is ON CHRISTMAS. you can't make this stuff up. they have 3 sons, none of them are named jesus {phew}.

  13. Bought some of the fabric too and I decided to make aprons and some plushies out of the characters :)

  14. I love that fabric. Here's my vote: In the wintertime my mom would make rice sacks out of Christmas fabric. It's the same concept as this idea but a little bit larger. You could scent the rice with peppermint or something yummy. We would place the bags in a basket in the living room and heat them up at night to snuggle with while watching a movie or to place by our feet while lying in bed. I still have one of mine from childhood. It's also a fun project to involve the kiddos.
    Can't wait to see what you do!

  15. Couple of ideas for that darling fabric... you could fussy cut the little people and applique them onto an advent calendar! Or how about stockings? Or holiday "throws"? It's darling and I'll have to see if I can find some at my local Joanns.

  16. Tree skirt.?
    Christmas quilt?(this would create a need to buy more fabric!!)

  17. wow!
    that fabric is just adorable!
    i say pennants are a must, but you are much more creative than i am! :)
    totally with you on homegoods therapy!
    i need to make a trip soon, soon, SOON!
    that pic of you and your daughter is absolutely beautiful.
    love it.

  18. uh...i think you HAVE to make a mini nativity scene with all the littles on the fabric. cut out and stuff of course. that's why God made that fabric you know.

  19. That last picture.
    Melt. My. Heart.
    So cute.

  20. Mini sessions by Drew B AND it's styled by you?! PLEASE COME TO WASHINGTON!!! It's just such a tease to see that and know you all only do this in Cali. The pity party is now over. *sigh*

  21. Ah, all so cute. Rollerblades!! I used to jump curb with those bad boys. Good times.

    Kristina Gulino
    Twitter: @KristinaMGulino
    Something 2 Write About

  22. I agree that the fabric is totally adorable! Have a great Sunday!

  23. Oh, that fabric is perfect!

    Now I want to go get some....

  24. I think all your girls need some cute little Christmas aprons made out of that material! LOVE it!

  25. there's a felt tree on pinterest that you make ornaments for and it's an activity the kids can do for the holidays. Cut the nativity figures out of that cute fabric...back them with felt and they'll stick to the tree...darling idea to teach kids the story of Christ...mas...