Happy November!
This month's challenge will be announced on Thursday and I can't stinking wait.
It is a good one.

But until then I wanted to wrap up October's challenge.

In the middle of my-pets-heads-are-falling-off week, I knew that I needed a quiet night in the kitchen.
Jason knew that I needed a quiet night in the kitchen.
When life gets crazy and I get crazy I need to cook or bake.


If he comes home from work and I am baking a random batch of cookies, he knows that it has been one of THOSE days.

So he put the girls to bed and took care of Shane while I got myself together.

Honestly, I was the most blessed by it.
The measuring, chopping, stirring, even the cleaning up after, calms me.
(I made the trusty standbys Chicken Spaghetti and Toffee Crack.)
Knowing that throwing together ingredients can be a blessing, surprise, and treat to someone else is one of my favorite things.

It doesn't have to be difficult.  It doesn't have to be fancy.  It doesn't have to be planned.  It just needs to be from your heart.

In fact a sweet friend sent us dinner from across the country right after our car accident.  It was like a huge hug in a pizza box and exactly what this shaken up family needed.

Did you make a meal or bring a treat to someone?

Tell me about it.  I love to hear happy stories.


  1. What a sweet husband to read your signs. Hugs to you awesome friend.

  2. every wed one of the lovely ladies from our church cooks up a big dinner for all the families before family night and for a dollar people can have dinner before fellowship.It has been such a blessing for my family so remembering your sweet challenge i volunteered to take over tomorrow night i am making my ever trusty pw lasagna for 50 people:) its gonna be awesome!;)

  3. i did.
    it was so nice to do.
    she needed it.
    no biggie.
    thanks for the nudge.

  4. thanks for the challenge! we made an easy-peasy meal for friends who just had a baby.

  5. One of the most "doable" things you can do. When we lost our 2nd son Christian in April, we received meals for months. Friends, neighbors and people we had never met brought my family dishes, but mainly they brought love, prayers and compassion by doing so. Gonna help a neighbor out next week and do the same. Thanks for the encouragement. (and the toffee crack recipe!)

  6. One of my best girlies and I had not been able to connect for her birthday for weeks due to various reasons. So...I took her one of her favorites....enchiladas and brownies. She was so thankful and thought it was the best present ever. That wasn't my intent per se but I was glad it blessed her. I have done this before for another friend who truly does not like to cook. I knew her and husband had sent the kids to the grandparents for the weekend so they could get some projects completed around the house. I showed up with a rotisserie chicken and other goodies. They loved it because as we all know, the last thing you want to think about during those kind of work weekends is making another mess in the kitchen. The key for all of us is to keep our eyes and ears ready and willing to bless those around us. It doesn't need to be big and showy. Thanks Julie for your challenge.

  7. we were able to bring our dear friends a lasagna dinner one night. my best friends husband is dying and still lives at home.
    it was the LEAST we could do.
    thank you for the encouragement. :)

  8. I made dinner for a family at our church who just had their 3rd child. I waited until the week the momma had to return to working thinking that would be helpful. I hope it was a blessing to them.

  9. We made dinner and had our neighbors over twice in 2 weeks. They are going through a tough time finically right now and we have been there before. My husband even sent some leftovers another night there because he found out what he was making was our neighbor's (the dad) favorite meal from New Orleans. Happy bellies all around!

  10. I loved having the challenge to do good in front of me. When I held that thought captive, it was like the opportunities poured out of everywhere: meals were delivered, other people's children were cared for, words of encouragement were spoken that should have been years ago. And I was happy. Happy to serve. Happy to be used by the Lord. And happy to give all glory to Him. I'm so glad He gave you this idea, Julie!

    Can't wait to see what's NEXT!

  11. One of my friends had their 5th baby, so I made a meal to take over to them. I tried your Chicken & Dumplings recipe and the Lazy Cookies! So good!!! I loved doing this and CAN'T wait to see what the November challenge will be!!!!!

  12. I took dinner over to our neighbor across the street. We've only lived in our house for a year and have talked to them a handful of times. We found out that he had surgery this past summer and wanted to bless them with a meal. We don't think that they are believers and it was such a blessing to US to get to share the love of Jesus through a cooked meal and a kind word. She seemed very shocked that we would even want to do such a thing. Thanks for the encouragement to do this. I love reading your blog!

  13. I did bring dinner to my sister who is crazy busy. It wasn't anything crazy, but she didn't have to worry or think about what to make for one night. Thanks for the idea.

  14. just brought a meal to our new youth pastor and his lovely family!

  15. I totally loved this challenge... bring food to people is my thing!

    My friend ended up in the ICU because of diabetes complications. I heard about it a week after and she was already at home. So I called and told her I was bringing food and could not be talked out of it. At first she told me she did not need it, but as we worked out the details of when and what she ended up saying that it would be a HUGE help. Plus I got to see her new addition to her house!

    I also brought food to a new mom, and she was SO excited about it. It is a blessing being a blessing to others!

    Bring on the next challenge!

  16. The other week I made Taco Soup & gave it to a family (at our church) who is going through a hard time. It was so easy & they were so surprised & thankful! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  17. I brought a meal to my sweet friends who were hosting a homeless family for a few days. My friend was worrying about planning meals for her family and theirs and finding time to build relationships with this young mother who is seeking the Lord. I brought them over hot caramel rolls in the morning with juice and fruit. It was both a blessing for me and for them :) plus I love to cook and bake and always love to have people to cook for!

  18. A friend's Momma had a big surgery. My sweet husband made his yummy lasagna and we took it to them so she had one less thing to worry about. Can't wait to see what's in store for November.

  19. Totally didn't get this done yet. BUT it's cold and drizzly here and tomorrow I'm making a batch of homemade chicken noodles, so I will make a point of delivering some to someone :) Thanks for the reminder.

    doing a giveaway on my ittybitty blog, it's a cool piece of jewelry my friend made...come check it out!

  20. Simple challenge but harder to accomplish than I thought. Happy for it though.

  21. I did it. Felt good and she liked the random act of kindness. :-) Can't want for the next challenge!

  22. I don't remember reading about the challenge. I did take a meal to a family that had a baby. I baked lots of things for the school carnival.

  23. I'm going to be honest. I wanted to do this, but just didn't have the time and or energy in the last few weeks. But, I will do it. Soon. Very, very soon. We were however on the receiving end and can't tell you how much it meant to us. To have a home cooked meal in the middle of our crazy week was amazing. Thank you, friend! I don't know how you find the time to be so awesome.


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