After having a week to digest and process all that I learned at Blog Sugar, 
the underlying theme for the evening was the truth that 
your blog is not all about YOU.

It might be about your life, but it isn't all about you.

This has proven true more times than I can count.
Honestly, I find myself rather boring and exhausting.
But when I use this little web address for more than my daily nonsense, beautiful things happen.

With that in mind, I decided to start a little monthly challenge. 
A bit of doing something good for someone else.

Using your heart, your hands and your passion to share sunshine and love.

This month's challenge involves one of my favorite things.

Feeding people.

Once this month, (or more for you honor students) bring someone a meal.  Someone who would never expect it, yet really needs it.

It is so easy to rally together and feed families after babies are born, loved ones are in the hospital, or when a relative passes away.  

But how about the family that is struggling financially?
The single momma who is working way to hard?  
The friend who is trudging a difficult season and could use a little bit of extra care?

With a little extra planning, it really isn't difficult at all.  
Just make extra of what you are making your family.

Need some ideas of what to make?
Here are some of my favorites:

Brinner (a.k.a. breakfast for dinner: breakfast bake and monkey bread)
Ordering pizza (great option to bless someone who doesn't live close by.  Papa John's has frequent specials, is delicious, and nationwide.)

While you are at it, throw in a yummy dessert like toffee crack, lazy cookies or cobbler.  Make you sweet gift even sweeter.

So friends, are you in or are you in?

Think about who you can feed.  Think of who needs a little extra love.
Then do it.  Cook, bake, order take out.  Share.  Get the little ones involved.

Let me know how it goes.
I'm really excited!


  1. Awesome idea, Julie! I actually picked up two crockpots today from the people I'm bringing meals to tomorrow. I've never done that before, but it seemed like a good idea so I'm excited to deliver them in the morning. I needed a dessert to go with it, so I'm going to make your crack (that sounds wrong) and try not to overindulge. Thanks for all the good YOU do with your blog! Stopping by here is such a treat.

  2. Ive had a friend on my heart! I thought about bringing her a meal. I think you have confirmed it! thank you!

  3. I'm in! I've just got to figure out who around me is in need. I know there are many, I've just got to look up!

  4. julie i think this is such a lovely idea! sharing a blessing for sure!! thanks for allowing Christ to shine through you and encouraging me!

  5. Thanks for the inspiration, Julie:) What a great idea to make someone's day and show a little bit of love. I think I am going to make your ziti with a side of toffee crack:)

  6. I may be a tad over-emotional at this exact moment of the month, but gosh darn-it if reading this post didn't bring tears to my eyes!! I'm new-ish in my neighborhood and don't really know anyone. (Anybody with ideas on how to do nice without coming off like a total weirdo, I'm open to suggestions!!) I wouldn't know who to surprise with this great idea, BUT it does make me think of my grandma. I was just thinking of a way to brighten her day (I moved far far away and I feel guilty - I took her favorite great grandson with me) and although she's got diet restrictions, I'm gonna send her some homemade goodies!!
    Love this 'challenge'! =)

  7. I'm in! I've got the perfect person in mind:)

  8. Oh heck yes.
    I absolutely love this idea and I absolutely loved sitting next to you at blog sugar. I keep thinking about shanes sweet face....

  9. Love this idea, and I'm totally on board for the first challange!

  10. I love Lori (the first commenters) idea of picking up their crock pot, filling it, and dropping it back off in the morning! Stupendious idea!

  11. I'm in... I love this. Let's spread joy!

  12. I'm in... love including the littles on this. Raise 'em to spread the love!

  13. I'm in!! I love to make dinner for friends but what a great idea to do it out of the blue and just because....loving this idea!

  14. I was just thinking about this before I read this post! Last night I found out some Sad news that really is tugging on my heart. My neighbor decided she doesn't want to be a mother anymore and is leaving her husband and 7 year old daughter. My heart is breaking for this family. I was just thinking that maybe I should bring them over a meal. I definitely think God was telling me to do this now that I read it here too! Thanks Julie for all that you do! Xoxo Lisa

  15. Lovely idea.

    I am a huge fan of Matthew Kelly (google him now) and in one of his books/talks he speaks about this:
    the people in life who are truly happy are the people that are making a difference in another persons life.
    And it doesn't have to be can be like you suggest...a meal for someone...or a batch of cookies, flowers, even a SMILE. He suggests that while you are in the shower every morning, ask yourself, "Whose day can I make today?"

    This is an awesome good habit to take we need to pass onto our own children. it is life changing for yourself as well as those whose lives you are touching.

  16. beautiful idea! i would love to team up with you one day! i have the givelove365 project where its all about doing something thoughtful for people, and every week i provide a spark of a thoughtful idea/challenge. this is an amazing one! beautiful ideas.

  17. What a servant's heart you have, Julie. I just love this concept. I have some sweet gals lined up to bring me food for 2 whole weeks. I am on the receiving end of this blessing and it makes me well up with tears to think that people are rallying together and taking their time and treasure to help me during my hard time. This post is so poignant and encouraging to just look around and see where God could use you... and your sweet grub! Love this!

  18. What a fabulous idea...I keep reading all these sweet things that came out of Blog Sugar. I'm hoping I'll maybe get to go in the future. My baby boy had heart surgery this summer, and we were so blessed by the gift of food. Another awesome thing that some family members did for us was to send gift cards to local places around the hospital. The cafeteria food gets old quickly, and it was such a blessing to go 'out' without having the burden of finances hanging over our head. We got gift cards to Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, Caribou Coffee, Sweet Tomatoes, Noodles, and a few other local places. With looming medical bills, we were grateful to have some good dinners without an attached credit card bill. :) When we arrived home, our church family provided us meals for 3 weeks. It really is an incredible way to bless people. Thanks for sharing this!

  19. i'm in! what a fantastic idea! :)))

  20. Love this idea! Can't wait to get started:)

  21. I am in, now I just need to pray about who could use something yummy.

  22. Julie, I love this reminder. I run across a ton of sites, a lot of them fashion blogs which tend to be "self" focused, so this is a breath of fresh air and a simple thing to do!


  23. i'm in!

    this is a challenge anyone can participate in.

    when we were newly married, prego all the time, and struggling financially we could not tithe 10% of our income.
    it was hard for us. we wanted to but we were always in the red. God's Spirit kept saying "give as you are able."
    my husband and i decided to make a meal once a month for people who were not obviously in need, but that we knew could use a blessing.

    now, who can God bless through me?!?

  24. What a great idea! And so easy. I'm in.
    Great meeting you last weekend, Your little munchkin made my heart go pitter patter.

  25. I'm in Jules! This very thing has been on my heart lately...and I'm sooo in! :)

  26. Sounds like a great idea, I stop in to see your blog and found this inspiration today! So I'm going to give it a try and I'm going to post this idea to my blog and see where it goes.

  27. You constantly amaze me. Proud to call you my friend.

  28. i am in.
    just reading the situations of those in need of a meal made me tear up. i can't wait to take the challenge. :)

  29. i'm in julie! have a meal going to a family that just had a baby, but now making a meal for someone that really needs it. thanks for the challenge!!

  30. love it! Great idea. Now I just need to meet some people here in my new-ish area that need a good dinner. I am totally in though. Thanks for the inspiration.

  31. Love your Heart!!
    Thank you for Inspiring us all sweet one!

  32. So it's not a meal and for my own financial reasons I can't make extra meals for others right now but I did have extra Zucchini so bad some Zuchini bread for a neighbor and added extra cinnamon because she's on a cinnamon kick right now for health purposes and made it vegan so her husband could share it while he's also on a different type of health kick ;)

  33. This is a wonderful idea! I can think of a few people right at this very moment that a simple act like this would minister to. Love your heart Julie:)

  34. I love this idea! Sounds like it may be "juice & cookies"

  35. I remembered your post tonight while making dinner. Then I made a plate for our elderly neighbor who lives alone. My daughter brought her a small salad, a piece of garlic bread, pasta with homemade meat sauce, and two magic bars :)

    I simply called her and asked if she would like dinner. She said yes. She told me daughter she was at home recovering from eye surgery.

    This is not the first time I have sent over a meal or a dessert, however when I did so tonight, I remembered your post and had to come back to share.

  36. Just wanted to let you know that I did it. I was thinking just last week that I wanted to do something nice for a neighbor that has been experiencing rough financial times. I know that she HATES dark rainy days so on Wed. I baked her a tin full of chocolate chip cookies and had my kids deliver them with a message about bringing some sunshine to her day.

    I may not have "made" the extra time during a very busy week to do this if you hadn't posted this so I thank you for giving me a little push.


  37. my husband and i sponsor the inter-varsity campus leader at a university in our city. we had him along with two small group leaders over for dinner. college kids love a home cooked meal! we have three under 8 and they love interacting with the older students.

  38. Great challenge. The power of a homemade meal for a family in need- there aren't words to describe how wonderful that hug felt from my dear friend, whom I've never actually taken my ham balls meal to before!

  39. this was a hard one for me. hence the fact that is is called a CHALLENGE.

    oh you challenged me girl.

    thankfully, i figured out a way (or perhaps the Lord put one on my heart) - just simple cookies for coworkers having a rough week.

    thanks for the nudging, Julie.

  40. Great idea! I'd LOVE to see or host a linky party for just this purpose... link up your blog post about what "good" thing you did for bloggers or, for non-bloggers, leave it in the comments!

  41. Thanks for this specific encouragement. I've made Brinner and Chicken Spaghetti and have found some other good and easy recipes on (not me!) to make.