So I am a rebely rebel.
Doctor's orders?
Road trip on.
Shady?  Maybe.
Memory making?

Paddleboarding with their uncle.
Cousin adventures.
Lots of Grandma and grandpa time.
Nature hikes.
Bug catching.
Scraped knees.
Searching for squirrels.
Digging, castle building, swimming.
More swimming.
Fool's gold.
Freak rainstorm.
Learning to play war.
Huge trees.
Giant dandelions.
God's beautiful creation.
Evenings topped off with s'mores.
That is what Bass Lake is made of.

Plus, I didn't have a baby on the side of the road.
My daughter didn't have to perform an emergency c-section.
I didn't end up on my own TLC show.
Did I drive home for six hours having contractions?
But nothing a nap and a huge glass of water didn't cure.

Don't tell my OB.

I also can neither confirm nor deny if while the three littles slept, that I pulled off the freeway in LA traffic to use this.  A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do...

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  1. We have the same potty for our car. It was the best $15 we ever spent! Our girls use it all the time when we travel. No way are they going to use the gas station toilets! All those who don't have kids yet roll their eyes at us and those who do have kids are jealous!
    Glad to see you made the trip and made it back.

  2. julie. i have some serious questions about the logistics of this potty.

    first of all, that mommy dilemma never dawned on me. needing to pee. having a car of quiet and sleeping children. DILEMMA for sure.

    but when you use it in LA, how do you get privacy? do you use it OUTside of the car?

    i'm totally in awe of this contraption and the circumstances that come with it.

    and i am way jealous of your s'more consumption.

  3. OK. So because of the title of this post all I hear is Tamra from the Real Housewives of OC (I love them and am not ashamed to admit it) yelling at Gretchen with her finger pointed at her "You went to Bass Lake?!"

    All the way through your post.

    Looks like a fun time was had by all...even with the potty sitch.

  4. Bass Lake looks so, so lovely. i'd break the rules for that too. happy weekend to you too! ;)

  5. How fun! I know the whole contractions while driving game. I am due July 27th and every tine I get in the car they come.

  6. I went to get the potty chair and they don't have it anymore!!! NO!!!! :/ Where oh where do I get one?!

  7. Oh, I love Bass Lake too. I live in Clovis. I was a little shocked when I saw your title. :)

    ♥ Amber
    Silver Lining

  8. That potty is awesome. I wasn't able to find that one online, but this one is similar and is available:

  9. Thoroughly loving the pictures! What an awesome getaway!

    And those potties... definitely saved a little girl I might happen to know! Just a hint: stop the car before allowing a 5-year old to use one in the seat next to you.


  10. i want to paddle board so bad. love all your pics! stopping by from insta-friday.

  11. Love it! We keep a potty in out VW van too. Especially when we head out to parks or the beach, where the restrooms aren't so uhm..clean.

    Love the photos! I absolutely LOVE the photo you captured of the girls all sitting together. So cute and full of memories, I'm sure.

  12. oh my goodness... the last time I took a peek over here Bald Baby was still... bald. Glad that you had a great (and safe) trip!

  13. Love that you broke the rules. We must be due around the same time :) So, I'm off topic but I saw this post and thought of you:
    I must go to Target now for s'more supplies. You've started a craving.

  14. Your feet look mine did two weeks ago. So glad my baby came. Hang in there. Glad you had fun with your girls.

  15. you have been in my neck of the woods...errr LAKE!

    my in-law's casa is on willow cove ln.

    so glad you had a nice get-away.

    all the cool moms have been to bass lake, eaten too many s'mores, and used their daughter's "facilities."

  16. You're girls are absolutely gorgeous. I think that EVERY TIME I see their pictures on your blog.
    And, also, what is on your S'mores? Chocolate, mallows, graham crackers...but what's the white/cream looking squares?? I love s'mores and everything you suggest to make is waaaay too yummy! So, I'm anxious to hear how you make them!

  17. Oh no you didn't!? Where did you do this act? I'm very intrigued by all of this haha! Looks like a great trip though. And good for you for ignoring doctor's orders. :)

  18. We were just at Bass Lake, too! And I am really wishing we had that potty in the trunk for our 14 hr. road trip home. So many skeezy rest stop bathrooms.

  19. Yay to Bass Lake! We are headed up there at the end of the month! YIPEE!

  20. Loved loved loved This post! Congratulations, I didn't realize you were pregos! Best of luck!!!

  21. I especially love the tree roots photo. :)

  22. I love how your photos look antiqued!