I hated potty training.
I was content changing diapers for eternity.
Yes, I would prefer to wash cloth diapers than potty train.
But we survived.
In a couple years I will be on that adventure again.  Yippee.

This is the one thing that helped us make it.
It is probably the best baby purchase I have made.  Ever.
The girls use it nearly every day.
We are on the go a lot, and I am not a huge fan of public restrooms.
Either are they.
It goes to the park, the beach and Disneyland.
It has saved us so much laundry.
But the idiots at Fisher Price have discontinued it.
It is getting really hard to find.
I bought four of them.  One for each of our cars, and one for each of the grandma's cars.
I noticed that they are selling for as much as $170 online.
That is just plain insane.

So, if you have kids, or might ever have them, you need to fetch yourself one now.  Seriously.  Just $17 online at Wal Mart.  Buy a few.

I have even considered giving it as a birthday present to every two year old I know.  But that might not go over too well.

Because you never know when you will be driving the kids by yourself while you are pregnant, as they nap and you have to go to the bathroom, and you are in a sketchy part of LA and you don't want to wake them up to haul them into a creepy gas station bathroom, and you are thankful you have a travel potty in the back of the van so you don't have an accident of your own.

Not like I know about that.
Or have ever done that.
Like five times or anything.



  1. All I have to say is you CRACK me up!! I am laughing out loud while I eat my lunch and catch up on life in the blog world!!

  2. You are seriously too funny! That is why I love your blog, because you aren’t afraid to say what’s on your mind!

    Heidi Jo the Artist

  3. I have a little man who turned 2 back in October. We've ventured into the world of potty training. #1 is down but not #2 yet. I've been dreading car rides once we are totally off diapers. I was planning on taking a training potty in the car but was totally dreading having to clean it up out and about... and really had no idea how I was going to. This is PERFECT. I ordered one just now. THANKS!

  4. did you really just admit that?
    you are brave.
    that is a pretty cool invention. i am done with potty training forever - thankfully.
    but i did it five times...some esaier than others. whew. i am glad to be done.

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! I am RUNNING to walmart.com. right. now. I detest public bathrooms!! thanks for sharing!!

    p.s....am I too late to add one of my fav blogs...??

    well, i HEART yours of course, and I like:




  6. Julie, I am 50% grossed out (can you tell I don't have kids yet) and 50% ready to order one just in case I ever need one someday.
    You are supermom. I love hearing about what I will be in for someday.

  7. Aaahh thats really funny. I know a person who had 3 sleeping kiddos had been in the car for hours and reall really had to go.... she used a diaper! Awesome!

    The Right Start store has an version of this potty too, it folds into a breif-case looking contraption!
    heres the link just in case you cant find the fisher price version!


  8. I just went to walmart.com and ordered one. My DD is newly potty trained and we are going on an 8hr car trip in a few weeks. This will be handy!! Thanks for the tip.

  9. you crack me up!! i will say though... i just finished placing my walmart.com order!! thanks julie!!

  10. or thankful you have one on a camping trip, and it's 3:00 in the a.m. and you don't want to treck alone to the scary potty in the camp ground. not that i have ever done that.

    yes. this is a must have in the car. public bathrooms are...yick!

  11. I am so with you on the potty-training thing! I am more than happy to wait until India is 3. I am gonna go look for this potty asap!

  12. Oh my Julie, you make me laugh!! I have comtemplated grabbing one of little one's diapers before when I was driving by myself in the middle of the night from Florida back home. Funny!! But not so fun, huh??

  13. Thank you soo much! I just ordered one from Walmart! We're going to the beach this summer and this will be PERFECT for traveling in the car! There are soo many times where we are out in the middle of nowhere and no I'll know that we will always be able to get to the potty! Be sure to stop by my blog for a giveaway that I'm having!
    -Ruth Ann

  14. I just found your blog via the toffee crack recipe...Oh my word, YUM!

    Anyway I love your story and your courage in sharing. Thank You!

  15. came across your post and i will probably be potty training soon... this made me laugh as i am content with diapers for quite some time too...whats the rush, right??

  16. Amen...seriously...we carried a potty in the back of our SUV FOREVER....it was the BEST thing we ever did !!!!!